November 6, 2007

Chip Willis, his tribute

From his photoblog, don't miss it, here is a post as I love them :

Chip Willis - "Tribute to Helmut Newton"

" This photo came about partly to my appreciation for a great artists work.

" Many people have said, this reminds me of something Helmut Newton would shoot. I would agree. I think his work alone drew me to photography more than any other. I never saw a photo that was close to this one, but the things that I love about it are things he used regularly. He made women powerful as well as sexy. He added drama. He was pretty simple at times.

" When I met Nise, one of the things I loved about her was her strength, her broad shoulders, strong legs. She has a beautiful figure, which isn’t quite the norm of what you see everyday. She didn’t look like the poster of Farrah Fawcett that I had when I was a teenager. She wasn’t like anything typical American I had seen before. She was more like one of those fantastic subjects Newton shot. All I wanted to do was do her justice.

" See, I am made up of all my life experiences and influences. Expressing my views on how I see the world is what I love, and the greatest thing, is to see where I will go next. It is inside me sure, but sometimes you don’t know what it will look like truely, until you look back on it.

" I wish I had the ability to write Helmut and say : “ you are part of the reason I do this thing I do ”. Chip Willis

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