November 2, 2007

From B.T. Charles blog : Marilyn Monroe

In my childhood, I was a fan of Marilyn Monroe, a real, a deep, a crazy one ! So here is a wonderful post to read on the blog of B.T. Charles, a photographer I like very (but very !) much :

Bert Stern - "Marilyn Monroe in Vogue"

From B.T. Charles collection.

" The photo is large. Frame is just over 40" x 30". A large piece. Its title is Marilyn Monroe in Vogue. It is a limited edition signed and numbered by Bert Stern (from the last sitting.
Bert is the last professional photographer to photograph Marilyn just weeks before her death, and from Marilyn's last Studio Setting photo shoot.

The story on this photo was Marilyn was overcome with how beautiful this dress was, and put her hand on her jaw when remarking such. How eerie as we know just weeks later she died... almost as if she is pondering her life in this photo.

The photo shoot was for a Vogue Marilyn Monroe Fashion issue, and the issue went to print the day before her death. They had to yank the issue as it would not have been in good taste obviously. But they decided to do a "Tribute to Marilyn Monroe" issue." B.T. Charles

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