November 19, 2007

Gunther Vandenven : Blue Art photoblog

You'll find Gunther Vandenven at : his official site International Glamour Pictures, his photoblog Blue Art, Fresh Nudes, Artflanders, Nude Art Gallery, his first feature, his interview.

Gunther Vandenven is running one of the most active photographer's blog of my link list. Prolific artist, and so talented, I read him daily with an endless pleasure.

The most interesting thing I noticed until now, beyond the fantastic quality of his work, is his deep kindness for his gorgeous models. He never forgets to thank them for their beauty, their work and the inspiration they give him. His compliments are full of warmth and gratitude, those of a true artist that always renders unto Caesar that which is Caesar's...


" Great and incredible pictures of Natacha. I get very good comments on these pictures from her. A woman with a perfect body and a sensual expression. She takes modelling very seriously and works highly professional during the job. She told me she is very selective in who she works for, so I take it as a compliment that she wanted to be a model for me. Thanks for being there Natacha."


" Marijntje is a girl which has never been seen before here. She is a shy girl who does some modelling to sponsor her studies she has to pay her own. She poses more soft than erotic but it was nice to work with her. A beautiful shaped body that she turned in all directions to get good poses. After the shoot I never heard from her again so I don't know if she still doing some modelling but I thank you a lot Marijntje for the beautiful pictures you gave me."


How do you find models for your shoots ?

" It is not easy to find good models for shoots like these. I am looking everywhere, surfing modelling sites on the net, contacting agency’s, spreading out the word that I am looking for models, showing my pictures as much as I can so models can contact me and present themselves.

I think it is very important to have a good looking website where I can present my work so models can see my style and the quality I can deliver.They have to see with who they are dealing with. It is their right to choose if they want to work with me are not and it is my job as photographer to get the models over the line and get them to pose for me. And that’s something I can only reach with a good website.

" I also find that it is important to be correct with the girls I'm working with. Lying and cheating don’t bring you very far. I tell them from the start that I only want to do nude pictures, so they can see that I have honest intentions. They may not get the feeling that I take pictures just to see naked girls. They are counting on me that I help them as much as possible with their photo’s for presentation and portfolio’s.

" A major problem also is that a lot of girls who wants to do nude modelling are afraid to start with this because of the reactions of family and friends. That is why I also leave it to the model if she wants to pose with her face on the pictures or not. Personally I prefer when the model can look into the camera, it gives a lot of more interaction when you look at the picture and you can see the expression of body and face but it is no obligation for the model to do that." Gunther Vandenven

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