November 5, 2007

Lela Rae feedback

Lela Rae loves writing, and modeling for the most famous photographers in the known universe (maybe in the unknown but I'm still searching...).

Every day, I love reading Lela Rae... Today still more because I'm flattered by her kind words. I can't answer on her MySpace, because I don't want to register on this platform, so I hope she'll read this : thanks Lela, your pleasure makes my day.

Lela Rae

by Nad Iksodas

" Univers d'Artistes. They've been kind enough to include me more then once in features with other artists, and a link to some of my work, including this blog at one point. But, this just got me thinking in SO many directions tonight...


George Michael's "Freedom" song and video. I now feel officially old. In model terms, it appears I already was to some (though I disagree quite a bit)... but this actually hit me. I remember vividly, it being one of the first music video's I saw that blew my mind. I always loved the song, still do... but the video is eye candy to me. Not just for the obviously gorgeous supermodels, male and female, but the lighting mainly. I'd love try and create a photography version of a few of those scenes that I find just amazing, lighting wise. It's the first music video I remember seeing (as they were just gaining popularity in more daily culture) that was truly artistically composed, in my opinion at least. I've watched it a few times tonight, having forgotten how good it really was." Lela Rae

A. J. Kahn
"Letting the Light In"
Art Model Lela Rae


Iris Dassault said...

Chris - very soon... ;-)
Thank you! I'm so looking forward to it! There's always more ideas roaming around. This will be fun.

chris said...

So fun... I'm impatient like a chikd before Christmas !!! Kiss