November 2, 2007

Raya Manova

You'll find Raya Manova at : Ray of Heaven, her space at deviantART, JPG Magazine, her space at Flickr.

"The Madhatter's Tea Party"

"Alice in Wonderland" is my favourite book.
I tried to create a surreal image, because the story itself is a fantasy one."

"The Geisha Doll"

"I enjoy making surreal and fantasy-like images, as though they are taken from a children's book."

Raya Manova is 20 years old, from Sofia, Bulgaria.

She's a gifted and creative fantasy artist who will soon count in the photography world.

I love her powerful imagination, her way to illustrate the most famous fairy tales. Maybe a day could she works on mines ?...

Anyway, check her site, and keep in mind Raya Manova. In a very near future, she'll be a renowned artist.

" I consider buying my first very own camera (finally) and stop using someone else's. I guess I'll get the Kodak Z740 to start with, since I'm an amateur photographer and as one of my favourite artists, Nikola Borissov, says :
" What's important is the idea behind the picture, not the camera it's taken with".
I believe so, too, but for now I'll have to sit back and study hard."

1 - "Flowerentina"
2 - "Curtain Falls" Raya Manova ©

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