December 9, 2007

Gunther Vandenven

Art Model Jella

" Jella is back. Sexy and provocative as always, she gives the best she got. Long legs and a soft skin, a natural look and beautiful hair, that's what she presents us and that's what we want more from her. Thanks Jella for giving the best of you."

Art Model Centia

" Once again, lovely Centia. A top of the bill sensual woman to work with. On one picture some mysterious nude where you can almost see nothing, on the other one showing everything of her beautiful body but without any vulgarity. A model who very much likes contrasts in posing and finds it amusing to play with the camera. A girl of my heart, thanks Centia."

From Gunther :

Art Model Verona

What do you expect from the models who poses for you ?

The most important thing is that the model is standing for a 100% behind the photographers idea and concept of a photoshoot. That is the basic of a good cooperation between model and photographer. If it is not there I don’t even start a shoot.

I prefer also that the model is relaxed when I begin shooting with her, that’s why I always start with a small conversation of how we going to build up the session, talking about this and that - all kinds of stuff - just to get her relaxed and motivated.

Art Model Shanaia

" At that moment I can also check out her inspiration and how she feels about shooting artnude, because a lot of models (most of them) I see for the first time when we start our first session together.

So for me the first moments that we meet are very important for the results of my shoot and to get the model 100 % motivated that she will give the best of herself.

I also want to mention here that not only the photographer the one is who makes the pictures, it is teamwork between model and photographer and the creation of ideas which ends up in outstanding results."

Art Model Lucretia

" My latest shoot last week-end was with Lucretia, a very brand new girl. She is a professional gothic/fetish model and has a lot of special clothes for making nice pictures. A crazy woman with a great imagination. Because I don't know much yet about gothic/fetish (I am still learning) I asked her to choose the right clothes and to create her own poses. She was completely relaxed and with her professional experience she did some very original posing. These are the magnificent results of our cooperation. Much more pictures of this great session will follow in the future. Thanks Lucretia for the crazy and wonderful things you gave me."

Gunther Vandenven ©

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