September 30, 2007

Kent Baker

Angel Rengell & Luccia Lignan

I recently received an email from Mr Johannes Pooley, Art Publisher & Editor in London, Uk :
" I invite you to view the works attached from Angel Rengell and Luccia Lignan. My Editorial will publish their next book about their artworks. I have seen your blog and I have thought that is interesting for you to know about this artists. My new website is underconstruction, but I am going to working in some blogs that will tell more about this new publication. We are working in the Book yet, so we keep in touch."
And he was right... I like. So here they are :

"Femme sur rouge satin"

"Les amoureux"

From Phil Illingworth, Curator, British Museum of Erotic Art :

" Angel Rengell studied in Seville. He has exhibited widely throughout the world, including Switzerland, Germany, Canada, France and principal cities of the USA and his native Spain.
The 'seductive influence of the moon' is a staple of his pearly female nudes.
He paints, draws and sculpts both male and female nudes, and his works exhibit his skill and understanding of form and anatomy. His work has an intensely erotic tone emphasised by a carefully considered economy of line."

" Luccia Lignan studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain. She has exhibited widely throughout Europe and America, including Geneva, Hamburg, Madrid, Aix-en-Provence, Seville, Miami and Chicago, as well as Venezuela and Montréal.
Luccia models her subjects with rich colour. Her nudes are sensual - her women are confident, sensitive and relaxed. Her nudes encompass an air of innocence, despite being very conscious of their charms.
Her work shows a universe governed by colours that stimulate the spectator " a fountain of pure pleasure".

You'll find them at :

Lara Jade

You'll find Lara Jade at : her official site, Flickr

"Self Portrait"

Lara Jade is young, beautiful like an angel, and already so incredibly talented... and prolific... and so inspired...

I'm sure you can imagine how much I'm impressed, so no need to tell you more about this wonderful artist, except that Lara Jade is becoming one of these renowned photographers we all will be talking about in a very next future.

Model Danielle

"Fight Series"
Model Yasmin Green

" I'm eighteen and currently live with my boyfriend in the Midlands.
I've always been interested in art but I've had a passion for photography since I was thirteen.

Recently I just finished my diploma courses, studying photography at Sutton Coldfield College, and I'm going on to study a degree in photography at university later this year.

My work has been featured in a range of magazines and e-zines and I've worked with a variety of clients including bands, actors and children.
I am always trying to find ways of taking my work to the next level."

Model Yasmin Green

"Turn Into"
Model Yasmin Green

Lara Jade has been featured in :

What Digital Camera Magazine
Snap! Magazine
Lab Online Magazine.
Magnus Online

Dick Simonsen (Snapfoto)

"Florida Beach Topless"
Art Model McKenzie

"Sandy Beach Bum"
Art Model McKenzie

The story of a glamour shooting in Florida by Dick Simonsen (check also this article) :
" We thought we needed to add some variety to our portfolio of Glamour images, so two weeks ago, we flew down to Florida to do a beach shoot and take a little break. May is a great time to be there... temps in the eighties, low humidity, but the wind blew like a muther the whole time we were there !

After some research, we located a desolate stretch of beach on the east coast and spent the better part of a day shooting in 25-30 mile-per-hour onshore winds and 8-10 foot surf. Interesting !
We were in and out of sunlight with low clouds scudding overhead, which totally confused my built-in light meter, so exposure was difficult at best. The surf was also determined to sweep us off our feet... but we somehow managed to capture some great images of Madame McKenzie both wearing her retro bathing suit and nude running and playing like a kid in the surf.

I was up to my knees in the Atlantic trying to capture the action as fast as I could pull the trigger, each wave attempting to either bury us in the sand or sweep us off our feet. Somehow McKenzie's makeup stayed on and I stayed upright, and we managed to capture a couple thousand images, which will follow in the coming weeks.

You know what they say... it's hot, dirty, sweaty, sandy, and dangerous work... but someone has to do it ! "

"Pale Nude Sunshine Girl"
Art Model McKenzie

"Hot In The Sun"
Art Model McKenzie

September 29, 2007

Jiang Pengyi and Yang Dawei at New Chinese Art

" New Chinese Art was established in 1999 as a centre for contemporary Chinese art. The website is a good resource for people worldwide to view art by Chinese artists. New Chinese Art allows Chinese contemporary artists to display their art for free.
New Chinese Art aims to make contemporary Chinese art accessible to a global audience. Whether you are just browsing or interested in purchasing, New Chinese Art presents you with portfolios by over 100 contemporary Chinese artists, and we are continually adding Chinese artists’ works. We now also have a Chinese contemporary photography section. Please follow the photography link."

Yang Dawei

William Charpe's Interview

You'll find William Charpe at : his MySpace, deviantArt, his blog, Art Limited, Fotothing and his first feature.

William, tell us how did your passion begin ?

My passion began when I was young. I started to draw my favorite heroes, to create new stories...

Could you define your way to work ?

I have a special concept : the "people selfshooting". I ask to my models to take self-pictures, then I work on it.

But I'm dreaming about working with good photographers.

I'm sure they'll ear you ! By the way, who are your greatest inspirators ?

Eboy, Pierre et Gilles, Andy Warhol... Ironic Pop, Darren Hopes, Madalina Iordache-Levay, Miss Buffet Froid...

Created from a picture of Marcus J Ranum

From a photo of Ana

Is there something special that inspires you ?

No. I try to make as new pictures I can...

Some words about your models ?

My models are everyone who wants to play with me. I think every body is pretty...

Do you make many corrections on a long period ?

No, I prefer to try new picture. I put my old or bad pictures test in my deviant art trash.

Model Black Depressive Fairy

What about your next project ?

I've been contacted by L'Affiche Moderne, a new website promoting young and upcoming talents, photographers, graphists, illustrators...

"More green please"
Portrait by Clicky

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I do only exhibition on the web.

Model Tallulla

Have you published a book ? Is there a new one to come ?

I dream about it.

Maybe something more personal to reveal ?

I think I'm like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The day I'm working on "clean" webdesign for companies and the night I realize my "trash" pictures for my pleasure.

Thanks a lot William ! I wish your dreams come true...

"What is love 2"
Model Jessica

September 28, 2007

K. Leo

As for Brian Mackey (thanks Iris Dassault for your nice comment, I'm sure he'll like it !), I appreciate K. Leo for his way to capture the truth.

Here is one of his last pictures posted on his blog, where is posing a "natural" model, one of this girl next door we all know, and we all love because she's like each of us...

When I'm watching his amazing work I'm feeling normal in a simple world, sheltered from the illusion of this revolting perfection searched by some wrongly acclaimed photographers and the majority of the vain advertisers that make people crazy about their size, their weight, their wrinkles, etc...

Thanks Mister K. Leo ! You're great.


Van Hugo's Interview

Van Hugo lives in United States. Searching for new artists to interview, I was deeply attracted by the picture of Jen on the leaves. Beautiful composition, perfect expression, pleasing tonality, everything to give me this heartquake I love so much. So I'm proud and honoured to introduce Van Hugo.

Van Hugo, tell me how did your passion begin ?

My passion for photography began when I was a teenager and I worked at a small town newspaper after school and weekends. I shot some sports and developed film and printed paper.

Since your childhoood, like so many artists... And did you learn photography in a special school ?

When I went to college it was more of a minor for me. I learned almost everything from books and trial and error.


L Joy 3

Who are your greatest inspirators ?

A lot of people are amazed that I don't know this photographer or that photographer. I look at photos all the time, and I distinguish photographers that I like or might be of my taste but I hate to single any photographer as great or a hack, because it is truly art, and not all art is appreciated the same by all. I guess if I tried to at least narrow things down for you on this, I would say my inspirations and deep desires always lean toward photojournalism. Growing up in the 60s and 70s, I couldn't wait for the next Life magazine to come.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I almost always have my backpack nearby with two cameras and 5-6 lenses with me. At least 50% of the time, if you look in my trunk, you'll see a bag with enough gear for a 1 or 2 light setup too.

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

When it comes to locations, I've always loved old brick, darkness and mood. Even a daylight shot using windowlight, I still love to get that brick and distressed wood surrounding my subject.


What are your preferences ?

I shoot so many ways, for so many reasons, and learn to love or hate it all. I shoot sports, photojournalism for anewspaper, I shoot models for portfolios, I shoot kids and babies and High School Seniors.. I love it all but when you shoot such a variety of small community work, I feel there is no room to mix that with my nude and erotic shooting. This is where DA has been my outlet. There are days that I'm burned out on studio and other days I've had it with daylight outdoor shooting and dealing with the elements.

Some words about your models ?

My models are a mix of life. Some are Moms, strippers, agency models, girls from internet model sites, friends, neighbors etc. I basically love all women and their varied bodies and forms. But my main desire is in knowing the client and drawing the natural connection through the eyes first, before worrying about sending the body language. If my model cannot connect with me through her eyes, then she is dead for all intentional purposes.


L Joy

What is your process of creation ?

Some of my better work has had structure and planning, at least a higher percentage of successes I feel came from planning. Never underestimate the power of planning. But I have had some amazing results from guerrilla shooting too. For me though, this requires working with someone that has spark and enthusiasm...a self starter.

And how do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

I always feel like I did shit. I always want more... better... another look. But I go home and look at the files and always write down my first impression favs. I always end up with a long list of numbers and feel better about what I did.


Jen 3

Do you make many corrections after a shooting ?

Not sure what you're looking for, but I'm always making corrections... second guessing myself. If you get too cocky thinking you know it all or stay with the same stuff over and over, I don't think you can evolve. You get set in your ways... old and dusty... crabby and unlikeable. Wait till I'm 80... then I'll play the crabby old dusty role. Ha Ha !

Have you a special project you're dreaming about ?

I dream about special projects all the time. My whole life, since I was a kid reading Life and National Geographic, I have dreamed of that perfect international type shoot. Where I'm given supplies and equipment for an overseas assignment... preferably about life and not war. I love people and love showing them in their element. My other dream is ongoing. I love women and love photographing them. An ongoing special project in my life is fullfilled everytime a woman trusts me with her body and mind.

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I have only done an exhibition back in my college age. The internet is my continuing exhibition. Open 24hrs a day, 365 days a week and you can look in your robe and slippers.


Have you published a book ? Is there a new one to come ?

No... in my mind... ha ha !

Jen 2

What's for your next future ?

I will continue to love women and love working with them. That will always be my passion. I will also continue to shoot sports and high school kids and wedding and all that jazz.

A message to send ?

Hmmm. To all those beautiful ladies I have worked with, I love you all and thank you for inviting me into your life.

To a few very special people I have met along the way that even became a part of my life in one way or another... some from the past... some new to me now, I love all of you... I invited you into my life and every moment since has been a treasure of beautiful memories.

A so kind message ! Thanks for your time and your work !