April 2, 2016

Jean François Damois, my best friend


Member of UdA since the beginning

is a talented and renowned French Photographer and my best friend. Among many Art magazines, he was also published in Carrie Leigh's NUDE with François Benveniste when I was  the International Editor of Carrie (Carrie, if you read me, I miss you so much. I hope you are fine, take very care, your devoted Chris here and after).


Jeff is too busy or too humble to publish his 3 books. Everytime I say him :
- And what news about your books ?
- I'm working on them.
Since 10 years...

Now, admire and enjoy. Jeff, je t'aime fort et je te remercie pour ta confiance.

My favorite

"Sophie a quai"

"Le départ de Sophie"


"Isabel à la lucarne"

"Le grand ecart"


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