August 27, 2008

My beloved artists ! My dearest readers !

During these 6 months passed in a sad hospital, between death and life (what a nice experience for a writer !), you missed me so much.

Every day I was thinking about you, your amazing talent that turn me upside down, your wonderful art and all the beautiful things you gave me.

You missed me Dave, and Iris, and Gerhardt, and Carrie and Terrell, and Angel and Luccia, and all of you (sorry, you're so numerous !).

To end this post, I want to thank all of you who kept this blog going on. It's... so... wonderful !

Read you soon !!!


Iris Dassault said...

Chris! You are back! We worried and wondered about you so much!!!

I hope you are doing better, please send me a note when you can/want.


TLNeasley said...

Yes, we have missed you Chris. You don't know how well it does my heart to see an actual post from you and to know you're still around. Here's to your health, my friend.


Chris Saint James said...

Thanks my friends !!! Thanks a lot...

Dave Levingston said...

So very glad to see that you are back. I hope you will be here blogging for many years to come. You were greatly missed.

Chris Saint James said...

Thanks Dave ! I appreciate so much !!!

Lin said...

Welcome back Chris! I've thought about you often, and prayed really hard you'd get well again. Glad someone up there was listening :-)

Rob Benson said...


wonderful to see you back. Hope your health continues to improve