September 7, 2008

Andy Julia

Paris Axe 18

A long time ago, I asked him for an interview. He told me no, no time, too busy... And he was right. But, finding some rest, he sent me a mail with a big yes. Woaw ! Patience is the true rule...

So here is Andy Julia, a wonderful and genious young artist I'm proud to introduce.

"Jailys 8"

From Incubus' Choice (have a look !) :

"Old-fashioned charm photographies, with the sweetness of a past transfigured by an unreal light, warm colors and of an arousing sensuality in a game of desire, the pompadourian charm revealing itself by contrast in disused warehouses, the muses and the nude marquises flitting in a romantic nature, the forgotten, lost and shaking androgynes…"

"Mazlo 1"

"Some kind of stranger 8"

"Catanzaro 22"

"Gian Marcolorenzi 3"



Orkus Editions 2005

180 pages,
Luxuous paper,
Color and duotone BW printing.


Editions Ragage 2007

92 pages,
Beautifull black & white sepia toned and colour printing.

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Dougfdoug said...

I just love Andy's work, he is absolutely inspiring and his art is always stunning. I stumbled across his images one day completely by accident and was compelled there and then to 'seek' him out and say 'bravo'. It's great that maybe soon we'll all be able to read his interview and get a little bit more insight into his creative touch.