September 20, 2008

Editor ? My commitment.

Scott James Prebble -


I wake up in the morning between 4 and 5 am. And I'm really sad if it's 6... My pills are sometimes so strong.

I immediatly take a coffee, while opening my so slow computer.

I check all the mails, I answer everytime, on all my sites.

I write 4 articles per day, even if I'm dreaming of 12, at least, I have so many artworks to feature ! But it could be too heavy for a blog and readers couldn't follow.

... 2 coffees later...

Time to repair my PC, as slow than a sloth, but I've to make with, a question of money. I check, I erase, I launch all my softwares to go quicker.

Angelicatas -
"The Offering"

12h00 ? Wow ! Often I forget to lunch, I don't care, later maybe, the work before.

Then I sleep 2 hours because my night was short and I'm so fragile.

When I wake up I check again all my messages, I answer, and I prepare the articles for tomorrow, forgetting my own texts, 5 books waiting for me, thousands and thousands of pages I must correct, read again and again and again until all become perfect ? Foolish goal, isn't it ?

I check what is new on the web. A nice trip I always enjoy !

Then or maybe before, depending of my heart, I send my requests, the kindest possible, for future interviews, talking to the greatest, the youngest, art is in anyone, watching a thousand pictures per day. At least...

Then, I dine. Maybe.

Lorand Peli -

And watching the TV (argh !), I take some notes (words are so easy to forget...), some ideas for new articles, new ways to show, new posts to promote Fine Nude artists, something to give them the best vitrine.

Finally, to resume, and make short, I love writing about the artists. It's my passion, at the same level that my love for the words what means totally unimaginable ! As if you would want to conceive what is the infinite space... I love them, I love to glorify their work. I don't come out, I'm just working for them who give me their trust and their kindness.

What a beauty they bring to the world !

What would be humanity without them ? Their faith, their strength, their passion !

They are a wonderful reason to live.

They give us Hope.

Beau eRomantica -
"More to come"


Iris Dassault said...

"Ecrire, c'est hurler en silence". Wow. That is such a great expression!

Chris, your dedication floors me and I hope the artist that you feature appreciate all the things you do!!

Thank you for being a friend.

Chris St James said...

Thank you Iris. Thank my Muse.
Keep in touch !

Saintz said...

Chris your dedication continually amazes me. You entertain us and keep us informed. Thank you and all power to your fine quest.


Mark Saintz

Chris St James said...

Thanks MArk ! It's just my life...
Kind regards

Lin said...

Chris, the art world is enriched every day through your dedication and effort. We're very lucky to have you :-)