September 25, 2008

Isabel Rose

The work of Isabel Rose at : ModelMayhem, deviantART, Model Brigade.

by Hank Maher

"My inspiration rises from the world between the shadows and light." Isabel Rose

"Dissolved Girl"
by DarkStorms Photography

Her bio and artist statement :

After a near death experience, I drifted back thru the light as a voice whispered : " don't go, I will find you".

Destiny found me, after a fairytale life altering experience. I moved to Beaver Dam, WI, USA, and was married in 2007 to my wonderful and supportive husband, who is now one of my main photographers.

My artistic expression started while I was recovering from almost dying.

I was over whelmed with the erotic feelings of desire we all have them, but are forced to keep them hidden in public.

"Keeping a Secret"

by Hank Maher

My photos started with a small canon camera on a 10 second timer, with each picture I would post a poem with the feelings that flowed thru my body as I captured the image.

I progressed to working with photographers and realized that the freedom I offer in my erotic poses feeds the artistic creation. Love and others will love you back, simple yet so powerful. I hope viewers, can look past the open exposure and view the inner beauty, to feel the hunger they long to release.

The relationships I have built with so many photographers, has truly been humbling, and also a dream come true. For true friends are hard to find, but a treasure once you do.

Without the photographer and the inspiration between model and photographer, so many beautiful images would be lost. I tip my hat to you, for without you, there would be no blank canvas.

Without viewers who have taken the time to view and appreciate the artistic expression, my existence would have gone unnoticed.

"Beyond the threshold of dreams"
by Hank Maher

"Playing the Melody"

Isabel Rose and the photographers ©

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Brian said...

Knowing her is to behold her...the inner and outer beauty are expressed in her photographs but meeting her is to truly experience her!