September 23, 2008

The new book of Joris Van Daele

Here is the latest piece that Joris Van Daele wrote, from the introduction of Private Spaces Natural Graces (Aug 08).

" All the participants in this book are volunteers ; none are professional models. Most are posing in their homes : their personal and private living spaces. No one who offered to participate was excluded.

Each door opened was a surprise. I asked my subjects to let see their everyday lives : pets, clutter, remnants of past meals. We used every domestic space available : models were framed in their doorways, fireplaces, cupboards, tubs and closets, on their windowsills, countertops, mantels and stairs, and on, over and under their chairs, couches, tables, beds and dressers.

"Ahsatan, on zebra carpet"

Photography has riveted me since I stood in a tiny, darkened bathroom bathed in red light, an eleven year old watching my portrait develop. Bill Cecil-Smith, caretaker at the local school, snapped my picture, and minutes later I saw myself, frozen in time, on a sheet of paper floating in a tray of clear liquid. It was a magical moment, and it still seems so.

Within a year or two I had acquired a camera and found a mentor, Don Pulham, a medical photographer, who taught me to develop film and make prints. I set up my own darkroom in the family fruit cellar. In high school, I bought a 35 mm camera, a telephoto and a wide angle lens. I had my first show was when I was 14. I worked as a darkroom technician and a reporter/photographer as a teenager.

" I’ve never stopped photographing
everything that catches my eye."

"Ahsatan on couch"

"Anne, upside down, lying on stairs"

Later I studied visual art and life drawing. With that training and training in physical therapies (massage, Reflexology, Trager), I realized that all the bodies I observed had aspects that were beautiful : lively curves, ripples, lines, textures and shapes. I began to explore the human body with my camera. The portraiture element was also captivating, especially when people had to be themselves as they lacked the disguise that garments provide.

This book was born when I realized that subjects who felt vulnerable and exposed in the studio radiated ease and comfort in their own spaces.

As I processed these images of men, women and couples at home, my enthusiasm for this project grew. I hope you enjoy these images.

This book has been tremendously rewarding and is being received well."

"Alexa Rose, on Sue's table"

I am currently working on a similar nude-at-home, but exclusively with companion animals. I have been chair of the London Humane Society for the past 10 years, and I am fascinated by the bonds of the animal-human relationship. Also, people tend to become a more open and softer when they are posing along with Fido or Mr. Tom...

You can mention this, and that I'm looking for subjects...

"Jessica, on bed"

Joris Van Daele ©

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Susanne49 said...

Nice shots! I did myself a lot of artistic nude photos in the National Parks of Hungary. I like your blog.