September 22, 2008

The new book of Scott Nichol !

Bravo Scott ! And all my congratulations.

in the still air
Summer series 2007
by Scott Nichol

in the still air represents the first collected works of photographer Scott Nichol.
The volume explores the female figure and its place within the natural landscape.
The photographs included in this volume work thematically through the cleansing power of water, self reflection, and the healing nature of the air and sky.

Hard Cover Fine Art Book, signed edition of 50 books.
This volume will be printed in an edition of 50 signed and numbered books. The book is 40 pages with photographs in black and white as well as selected color plates. Book includes a glossy, fully printed dust jacket that also features photographs from the series. Photo pages are printed on a smooth matte finished 80lb text stock. Here for purchase.

"Spur Falls"
Art Model Zinn

" Another from the summer series of Landscape Figure studies.
This was a small spur fall that fed in to the main river stream at Rickett's Glen State Park in Eastern PA.
I love the way the ferns are all just bending, stretching to be near her. Can you blame them ?!?"

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