September 18, 2008

The picture horror show

In Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.), the nude female body is clearly used to sell everything. I think it's too much.

It's typically european.

During the four years I lived in USA, I was surprised by the absence of nudity in the advertisement campaigns, at least on the west coast and inside the country.

East coast has always been more opened to nude, as you can see it in their movies and soaps, more sexually explicit.

In Europe, nude female body is clearly used to sell everything.

I'm not talking about advertisements for underwears, perfumes or cosmetics, against the fur or the anorexia (provocation can be salutary), for condoms, fashion or magazines covers (?).

I can understand why a nude woman is exposed in the streets, and the magazines, often shooted by the greatest photographers of the planet. I can admit a certain form of justification, maybe of art, and we are used to, children included. In Europe, it chocks nobody.

But I just want to write about these "Directors of Marketing" who believe that a nude woman will increase their sales, thinking hard that it's the only way to attract people by, I presume, chocking their so desired new consumers.

These men (how could it be women ?), idiots and machists, with such a bad taste, try to sell their products by using the female body, nude of course, for their tires, their cars, scooters, kitchens, cigarettes, alcohols, phones, ice-creams, and so on... Argh !!! Fuck them all.

I've worked 2 years for a french advertisement company, so I perfectly know that the final choice depends of these "directors", despite the so creative people who make their best in their small offices, drawing all day long "normal" and imaginative sketch-boards. It's scaring... me.

So, here is the worst selection of pictures coming from sexually obsessed and male minds (of course !).

Time to change, isn't it ?

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