October 29, 2008

John Peri around a sofa

" I went though a phase of disenchantment, almost of depression at producing repeatedly the same work time after time, moreover in the same location... and then I placed the photos one alongside the other and I discovered a new dimension, how interesting it is to see how different persons behave in such a different manner in almost identical circumstances..." John Peri

"A smile for all seasons"

"End of day"

"Afternoon, First day"

"A pause between shots"

"Time for conversation"


"She came home from work"

"Never take things for granted"

An apartment in New York
Available here

" During a recent stay in New York, I rented an apartment in Manhattan near Soho and invited over some young ladies to take photos.
They remained for varying intervals of time, some for a few hours only, one in particular for over three days. Though some of the images are staged, they quickly understood what I was after and for the most part I just followed them around and took pictures while they did their thing.
It was a fun thing to do and the book should reflect the lighthearted way in which these images were take and the fun that we had in doing it."

Conversation Pieces

Available here

" This is a photographic essay of my friend Gaia. Almost two hundred pictures mostly in colour taken in various natural settings at home and then abroad during the summer vacations.
There is a lot of glamour/nude work included, but I also followed her around largely, taking photos while she did her thing .. getting dressed, putting makeup on, visiting the fridge, laying out the table .. in the bedroom, bathroom etc., … it’s summer time, so I guess she is often in minimal state of dress, but she carries it with grace and elegance at all times.
I am admittedly pleased with the result, because quite apart from her astonishing beauty, she conveys an intimate feeling of sharing in her moods, and the viewer gradually gets the impression that he starts to know the person behind the images."

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