October 8, 2008

LLoyd Hugues' exhibition : oct 3/19

" My polaroid exhibition has begun so if you're in Perth, Australia please come down and visit !

Spectrum Project Space
221 Beaufort St
Northbridge WA

Friday 3rd - Sunday 19th October 2008

"Rhiannon 7"

“At the instant the Polaroid is shot and gracefully ejects from the camera, its starts off as a blank canvas waiting to become exactly what the eye of the photographer imagined.

"As the seconds pass, an image starts to appear, very faint at first, almost holding back. Eventually after a minute or so the emotion begins to come out and the final image solidifies into something real and familiar, but at the same time with such a magical colour tone which cannot be imitated in any other way.

As no change can be made to this perfect image, this instant of reality remains preserved and untouched.”

"Rhiannon 6"

Lloyd Hughes ©

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