October 27, 2008

Robert Triboli's favorites

Here comes a new column.

I find very interesting to know what kind of pictures like the contributing artists of this site.

Knowing the work of each of these great photographers, masters of such a difficult art, their choices seem to myself absolutely essential to go further in the knowledge of each of them.

What do their favorite pictures learn us about them ? Are they far from their own work ? Or is there an identical inspiration source ? Are the contributing photographers strictly devoted to their genre, their style, their compositions ?... Or not ?... Interesting questions, indeed. And if you want the answers, just have a look at the portfolio of the artist.

To respect their choices, I'll always try to feature the most varied range of what they like, from indoors to outdoors shots, color or B&W, conceptual or not. So don't look for a "fil d'Ariane", their favorite images are what they are : always wonderful.

   Robert Triboli

Andrew Kaiser -

"There are a lot of tiny details that I like about this images. The dirt on the bottom of the models feet. The wrinkles in her toes and the back of her knees. The beauty marks on her chest. The smooth sand trailing off in the distance..."

Michael Helms -
"Meriah 2532"
Art Model Meriah

"Simple shot of Meriah leaning on the wall at Perry's house. Love the late afternoon light there."

G. enio dell'Errore

Eric Boutilier-Brown
"Uncropped Afterglow"

Robert Lubanski -
Art Model Magda

Pavel Kiselev -
"Decadence 3"

David LeBeck -
"Water Meters, 407"
Art Model Wenona

Dan West -
"Triple Play"
Art Model Sarah Ellis

"Sarah and I had a sort of spontaneous shoot yesterday. I've been wanting to shoot up in this secret area (well, not so secret) for a while now. The last time I tried with the road was closed. This time, I checked first and the weather was warm enough (Sarah may debate that), so we decided we better go for it before it started getting too cold... this is the first place we shot. Believe it or not, these little caves are all connected (although Sarah had to squeeze through from the furthest left to the middel one...)"

Gerhardt Thompson -
"On the Prowl"
Art Model Jessamyne

"This bright light is now wandering about America and if you are lucky she is coming your way. Jess is a featured model in my upcoming book Exposing the nude..."

Jose Manchado -
"Mermaids project"
Art Model Jane

F.W. Scharpf -
"Iris 85"

Vladimir Borowicz
"She dances alone..."

Jason Tag -
"Stream bank 2"
Art Model Ashleigh

Mick Waghorne -
"Madame Bink 15"Art Model Madame Bink -


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