November 7, 2008

1000th article !


" Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it may be."

1000 articles !

16 contributing Art Editors (who have the keys ! Thanks to contribute so kindly.)

One only editorial line : "Always render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's".

215 contributing Artists. It means photographers, illustrators, painters and muses who give me their confidence. These passionate Artists (even if the word seems too strong for the kind modesty of a lot of them), so these guys and girls, these creators (if you prefer...) who trusts this site.
From the bottom of my heart, a deep and respectful thanks to each of them !

166 first features. My first feature : Phillips Darren (thanks to him !)

84 interviews (I'm rewriting each of them)
My first interview : Stefan Beyst (thanks again ! I was so young...)

A wonderful banner created and offered by the great and so kind Gerhardt Thompson (with a wonderful photo by Roman Tkachenko !).

Thousands and thousands of links (I'm an exhaustive and perfectionist man...).
A bookstore growing and growing (don't forget : feed the artists !)
Read by 50/50% of passionate "creators" (artists, in fact) and enthusiast art lovers.

... Well... And no adds !!! And all for free. Champagne !

PS 1 : dear artists, I'm wide open to all new ideas, creative and technical help ! Because I'm nothing without you, all together "yes we can" make something better, bigger and never seen before.

PS 2 : my wish for this so particular moment is that for a better promotion of your work, and to keep the Art alive, you backlink this site. It would be such a nice gift !...

Carrie Leigh

" Congratulations on your 1000th article, it is an amazing accomplishment. The reason that this is such a great milestone is that you are, beyond a doubt, the first and foremost historian to reach this goal.

Day in and day out you live your passion of presenting art and photography. You also take the time to interview the artists, which make your blog a chronology of the art of our times.

Years from now, when other writers will write about the artists of today, they will look to you as the one who was there and preserved all this work. Every artist in the world should be thankful you are there.

I am."

Your Friend, Carrie Leigh.


Lin said...

Thanks to you Chris, for your tireless efforts, and for dedicating your life to the finest photographic nude art in the world.

You have created something truly unique and amazing.

Exigeant said...

Félicitations ! Le champagne est mérité... Sourire. Qu'il soit bon et vivifiant, à l'image de ce blog.