June 9, 2010

André Brito's favorites

André Brito

What do (some of) his favorite pictures learn us about him ? Are they far from his own work ? Or can we find an identical inspiration source ? Is he strictly devoted to his own style ?... Or not ?... If you want the answers, just compare with the wonderful portfolio of André Brito.

Ben Heys -

IMSirReal -
"Curl Girl"

Nick Giles -
"Jen Barley"

Yuri Bonder -

Rezie Ilhamsyah
"The Back"
Art Model Astrid Caesaria

Lara Jade -
"Breaking Free II"
Model Danielle

Scott Nichol -
"Emotive figure study"
Art Model Zinn

Silvio Schoisswohl
"Picket fences 2"

Sascha Huettenhain
"Tongue plays"
Art Model Wunmi

Tanyo Kamburov

Nikola Borissov -
"One night with Silvia"

Niko Guido

Zhang Jingna -
Model Pauline

Jim Young -
"Dirty Girl"
Art Model Iris Dassault -

Murat Kivrak

Tomasz Urban -
"Yu agt"

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