November 25, 2008

Favorites of Whitman O'Rourke

Whitman O'Rourke

What do some of his favorite pictures learn us about him ? Are they far from his own work ? Or can we find an identical inspiration source ? Is he strictly devoted to his own style ?... Or not ?... For the answers, just compare (a key : it's easy to see...) : his official site, his first feature here inside.

Anna Piovani -
"Cut me on half II"

J. Isobel De Lisle
"Miss Catwalk Tragedy 2"

Ian McInnes -
"Vertigo of bliss"
Art Model Abbie

Insousciance -
"Your piano"

William Dickey
"You can't hug kids with nuclear arms 4"

Corwin Prescott -

Mopas -
"Freta 4400"
Art Model Karolina Dabrowska

Akif [HAKAN] Celebi -
"Sorrow 2"
Art Model Hitomi


Pavel Kiselev -
"Children's games"

Gabriele Chiapparini
"Breakfast in afternoon"
Art Model Rita

Alexander Bergström
"Emeline on the bed"

Richard Kadrey
"Curiosity Cabinet"

Scott Church -
"Missy dancing"

Kat Love -
Self portrait

Abe Taltre -

Andrew Kaiser -
"Making the Cross"

Michelle Medina
"Naomi in the woods"
Art Model Naomi Fierce

Ravens Laughter
"Enemy Of The Conformist State"
Art Models Miss Anya and Miss Shyly

Ivan Murdzhev
"Girl on a chair"

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