November 26, 2008

John Tisbury

You'll find John Tisbury at : his official site, The Guild of Erotic Artists, British Museum of Erotic Art, Art Limited, redbubble, his MySpace, Flickr, his gallery at deviantART, One Model Place, net-model, Model Mayhem, Purestorm.

"Curves and hand"

John Tisbury, from Rushden (UK), is a published (including in Carrie Leigh's NUDE) and award winning photographer.

From erotic and fetish to artistic nude, from landscapes to fashion styles, his palette is wide and always filled with incredible creative ideas that he doesn't hesitate to share during his workshops.

I like his clear predilection for B&W refined pictures, his way to master the darkest shadows, his consuming research about the forms, reminding me sometimes this wonderful "sculpuralist" way to shoot I've discovered in the work of Thorsten Jankowski.

... So here he is. Enjoy !

"Nude and jetty"
Art Model Claire Louisa

John Tisbury self bio :

Photographer specialising in erotic and artistic nude photography, I'm a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists, of the Association of Erotic Artists as well as the Royal Photographic Society where I have an Associate distinction. I also enter my work into national and international photographic exhibitions and have won many awards and distinctions.

I've been interested in photography for years and most weekends taking photographs or working in the studio.

"Nude with head towel"
Art Model Shelly Radley

My main area of photographic work evolves around photographing the female form.

I pursued artistic nude as the human body is fascinating and versatile. Considering how long it’s been either painted, photographed or sketched there are still new poses, ideas and themes being discovered.

I love the ability to be able to tell a story from a moment in time, with one frame.

I like to create images that stir the imagination, that are erotic, even raunchy but not explicit. The mind is so much more powerful so its good to leave some things up to the viewers imagination.

"Stretched out"
Art Model Olivia

"The nude"
Art Model Olivia

"Windswept nude"
Art Model Maria Eriksson

I take images that I like, this is my main driver, I don’t set out to take images that are saleable or commercially viable. If other people like my work then great that gives me a good feeling, if they buy them because they like them then even better.

I want to carry on creating images, exploring concepts and themes.

I mainly concentrate on print sales, selling my work through my website as well as exhibiting at various galleries and venues throughout the year.

I’ve published my first book as a self published project and plan to do another containing just my erotic and fetish images. I’ve no real aspirations beyond that, just want to keep snapping.

"Bondage Ballet"
Art Model Joceline

His preferences :

"Hands on breasts"
Art Model Maria Eriksson

I love black & white and sepia toned photographs. Colour works in many situations of photography, but it can also detract.

For me, black & white adds another dimension to a shot by removing the colour it allows the viewer to concentrate on shape, form, texture, tone and contrast.

"The Landing"
Art Model Paula

"Safe restraints"
Art Model Sexy 1

I love working both in a studio and on location work, for both offer tremendous artistic flexibility and inspire an incredible range of ideas and imagery.

The studio is a blank canvas where you create and control everything, whereas the landscape we can only ever interact with it and never exercise complete control.

"Surf angel"

His 10 best tips :
(Extract from this interview)

Plan and prepare.

Know the technical aspects of your gear and setup so you can concentrate on the model, the pose, the look and feel of the shot.

Enjoy yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Be active and people will come to you. Show you are busy and doing well and people will want to use you.

Make sure everything you do looks professional, from emails, to your website, to your studio, to how you conduct yourself. Bad news travels twice as quick and twice as far as good news.

Work on defining your own style, it becomes your USP (Unique Selling Point).

Try something new, do things you’ve never done before to broaden your skills and horizons. It’s a great source for new inspiration.

Invest in yourself, either in tuition, learning new skills or technique.

Hang around with like minded people, surround yourself with winners.

If you promise something make sure you deliver it.

"Sunrise and nude"
Art Model Claire Louisa

by John Tisbury

Available : here and his website.

Review from Mark Marsay, Editor, JADE magazine :
"John has an unerring eye for composition whether it be his glorious fetish-style imagery, or fine art nude studies and outdoor location shoots - whatever the setting, whatever the model and theme, he appears to effortlessly combine all of the elements before his lens into one everlasting moment of perfection."

This book features a collection of over 100 colour and black and white photographs illustrating John Tisbury's work. It's his first book, John is known for his contrasty and edgy style of studio lighting as well as his skill with location work, Curves contains a fine collection of images, ideas and creativity. Limited to 1000 copies on first edition. Size 245mm x 170mm, paperback with 144 printed pages.

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