November 11, 2008

Richard Rasner's class, dec 19th, 2008

A good news from Richard Rasner :

This is the flyer design for the first of many upcoming classes that my studio (Nakayama Studios) will be teaching in conjunction with the prestigious Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas,

Friday December 19th, 2008 from 8:00pm to midnight.

To participate :

"By the water's edge"
Model Gwendelin Artanis

And it gets better :
Since the museum is non-profit, classes are as cheap as materials and expenses can allow.

or just $50 (or even less if you have a student ID) you can learn fine art nude photography from a real, professional gallery artist
(similar classes run anywhere from $200 to $2,000 dollars, and are not always taught by working artists).

We are doing this as community outreach, as I truly believe that by helping others succeed in your field you are not creating competition, but rather enhancing the genre as a whole.

"Inverted" - Model Jgmodel

Model  Skylar Petit

And here is the best part :
Each class we teach (including this one) will have special guest models from all around the world, and will include guided instruction where *you* get to photograph these models nude. And at least one of the models, Charalei, is an exclusive Nakayama Studios model, so you won't get this opportunity anywhere else.
Other models scheduled to attend are Sarah-Erzsebet, jgmodel and Skylar Petit, PLUS other special guest models.

I will be there in person (along with the talented Jenna Black) to help guide you as you photograph these models.

Very few opportunities like this occur in a lifetime. Even with airfare and hotel this class could be cheaper than even one at your local community college. The first class is just a few days before X-mas, and then many more will follow next year.

"With dreams of color" - Model Charalei

Richard Rasner ©

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