November 7, 2008

Their gifts !

It's Christmas before the date ! Thanks to each of you...

" What Cal Ripken, Jr. is to baseball.... What Brett Favre is to Football... Chris St. James is to photographic art nudes. I am glad and indeed honored to be able to call him my friend, despite the fact that we have never met.
Over the last year, Chris has been invaluable to my growth as a photographer and as a writer. My blog would not be what it is today without his tuteledge and guidance.
I am very thankful that he is an overcomer, a super-achiever, a survivor, and most notably a man full of genuine love which he bestows upon us on an almost daily basis.
His prolific blog has helped countless photographers emerge from the dark confines of obscurity into the light of exposure and visibility.
This is a very dedicated and committed man. I love him for it. One of these days we'll meet, I'm sure. I am looking forward to it. Chris, thanks for being so strong and perservering for us !"

Your eternal Friend, Terrell

"Space Pod"

By Warren Brown

" I don't have anything particular to participate, but I do admire your longevity and dedication. In this world of fast food, instant messaging, DVD on demand and the like, people seem to forget that works of art take time to complete. The wait is usually worth it.
It's folk like yourself that help remind us all that we need to stop and listen to the inner voice every once in a while. For that, thank you.
And now you've hit 1000.....there's only 9000 to go to the next milestone !
All the best !"

"Long Yards..." - Model Niansa

A dedicated photo by Lisolette Gilcrest

" I love color. Most of my photographs are in color, unless I'm looking to achieve a special effect (antique, aged, period, etc).
I love the color and hues in this photograph, but ironically, I was processing this photograph with Chris St. James in mind, whom I know loves black and whites, so I processed it both ways and dedicated this photo to him for everything that he has done for the artistic nude community."


A poem by Isabel Rose

Inspiration sometime comes when we don't know what to say..

Life has a path all of it's own.. why we are here, where we will go.. the walk, will it be fast or slow.. will there be hills and valleys..
will I get lost along the way..
will I be found as I slowly drown..

Life's gift.. cherish it..

We laugh, we cry
We hurt and love
in order to understand
one from the other..
and yet so many questions go unanswered..

Experience, love, be happy, let go of the anger and the hate.. Live..and learn in this open playground..

..For in a second..

Life passes before your eyes..
and as the tear drops fall,
You become part of the soil
evolution begins all over again..
a new soul steps forward..
ready to walk..
lost and alone..

Remember to say hello to those you walk by
each person has a story
that no one knows about..
A simple hello
may just give them the strength they need
to go
where it is they need to go..

The other side..

The light is warm..
Pain stops
Tranquility guides you..
Rest with those you love
and lost along the way..
Watch over those still lost along their way

Thank you for the gift and all of it's wisdom I have learned along the way..

Appreciation for what I have..
each second.. so precious..
Those who touch our lives make life worth living for..
When you look back..
Would you change anything.. of who you are and where you will go..
If you said no..
Then you have done it right..

Isabel Rose - "Would you change anything"

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Lisolette Gilcrest said...

Congratulations and my sincerest and deepest thanks go to you, Chris, for your passion, perserverance and love...