June 9, 2010

So well said !

Some very beautiful thoughts !

Jason Tag
Photographer (Hawaii, Usa) and Contributing UdA Editor

" I believe that paradise is where you find it. It’s the place where you feel the happiest. It's where you find all the things that are important to you."

Art Model Ashleigh

"Relaxing in the afternoon"
Art Model Ashleigh

Robert Lubanski
Photographer (Poland)
" I’d like to say that many people have good ideas for their lives but they are too scared. It’s very important to be in harmony with yourself, living without big money (it’s really possible that the money will come without struggling for it) and be happy. My moto is called DYFF, it means "do you feel free ?"

Art Model Klaudia

"Forest Nymph"
Art Model Claudia

José Manchado
Photographer (Spain)
" Work hard, check the lights, see the model expressions, work the composition, the background, and shoot !"

"Long distance voyager"
Art Model Bollu

"Cube series 14"
Art Model Nere

Dan West
Photographer (Usa)
" No matter what difficulties you face, follow your dreams and be true to yourself."

"Kneely 023"

Marquita Norwood
Self portraitist photographer (Usa)
" I would say never compromise your vision. Always do as your nature dictates, even if it may seem unnatural or insane to others. You have to be you, not anyone else, so it is important to stick to your own ideas and not fall into the pitfall of mediocrity if that is not your desire. It is significant to leave your mark on the world, if you are serious about what you are doing.
Art isn't about popularity and celebrity, it's about you... the creator... doing what feels organic... doing what you have to... that is all."

"La Femme"
Self portrait

Self portrait

Gerhardt Thompson
Photographer (Australia) and UdA Art Editor
" Keep inspired and keep in touch with those around you. We all benefit from each other as support is a two way street, it is nice to receive however the greater reward is in giving and we learn more in what we share then in what we receive.
Each artist has a vision and we need to accept this vision and appreciate that it is different to our own, how boring it would be if we were all the same and thank goodness minds do not always think alike.
The beauty of art is what defines the vision and how grand it is to be able to share this personal and individual expression."

"Paradise Found"
Art Model Jodie Bellon

"Water of Life"
Art Model Summer

Frank Petronio
Photographer (Usa)
" For years I hesitated to shoot the way I shoot now, out of shyness and concern for what others might think of me. Now I don't care and I wish I had been bolder earlier. Don't hesitate, be brave."

Art Model Aimee

"Rock Away Your Abs"
Art Model Ashley Rose

Scott Church
Photographer (Usa)
" If you want something, get it. Never let anyone tell you can't do everything you want to in life because they can't decide anything for you. If the movie you're watching isn't about you... change the channel."

"Katie always shows"

"Save me from the nothing"

Warren Brown
Photographer (Australia) and Contributing UdA Editor
" We live in a world of amazing contrasts, in so many ways. So often we place ourselves at odds with the world and forget what a wonderful place it can be. It provides us with the means to produce many artworks of power and beauty, while showcasing what a marvellous place it is. That's what I strive to do. Here's to the adventure !"

"A Spirit At Rest"
Art Model Sutha

"Hommage to the Self"
Art Model Candace Nirvana -

Nikola Borissov
Photographer (Italy) and Contributing UdA Editor
" Keep your eyes and your senses open, try to look at everything with the eyes of a newborn, contemplate the world, it's immenselo beautiful when you start perceiving it with all your senses !"

"Cet obscur objet du désir 5"

"Bodygraphia workshop VII"

Manoj Jadhav
Photographer (India)
" See with your own eyes and you will see the world differently. It is important that you create your own road."



Mark Saintz
Photographer (Australia)
" Don’t take yourself too seriously. One method that I judge others by just how seriously they do take themselves, the ones in this world that tend to take themselves too seriously give me great entertainment at their expense.
Value your work but don’t kid yourself for one moment. There will always be someone out there better or worse than you."

"Leaving Carrington"

Art Model Leeanne

Howard Nowlan
Photographer (UK) and UdA Art Editor
" Keep enjoying the beauty and, as and when possible, engaging with it, whether the medium is light or paint or sound."

"Season Hues"
Art Model Magenta -

"Sun Stars"

Olivier De Rycke
Photographer (France)
" Shoot with your heart and your eyes. The rest will follow. Photography is a commitment, so be ready to live it."

"Harvest of desire"
Art Model Olga

"Light my fire"
Art Model Elisabetta

Grzegorz Kulinski
Photographer (Poland)
" You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. One good photo is worth it, even if it takes hundred bad to take it. Do it like you want, not the way others want you to do it."

Art Model Ela

" S"
Art Model Claudia

Gavin Bell
Photographer (Australia)
" Art nudes have been depicted since man could draw on caves. It has always been the fascination of both artists and the viewer throughout history with paintings and the evolution to photography is just an extension of this genre. The only difference is light and shadow is the paint and the camera is the brush."

"The Red Rose"
Art Model Isobella

"Soaking Up The Sun"
Art Model Dollybeck -

Marco Barsanti
Photographer (Italy)
" I think nude photography, and especially the nude in the nature, is a wonderful experience of human life, that goes beyond the simple shooting of a beautiful female body. It’s a kind of spiritual link, not only with my models but with all the women, in the true nature around us."

Rudolf Imrišík
Photographer (Slovakia)
" The only one thing that should be the most important for all artists and their artworks : Soul ! Because art without soul is hollow."

"The essence of body"


Non exhaustive extracts from the interviews !