November 20, 2008

What's new at Wolrd of the Nude Art ?

by Jarda Balek

His interview with Janice Marie Foote, model :

Models do nudes for many different reasons, both material and intellectual. What do you personally get from nude modeling ?
The freedom of expression and throwing myself emotionally into an image and hoping it's captured and expressed visually through the images captured by those using light sensitive devices aka cameras. It's also more of an extension of my own personal exploration of life captured in visual imagery, rather than just straight modeling. Which to me is why some people are perplexed after looking at my images and wondering what am I doing inside the images taken of me !

Janice Marie Foote
by Constantine Gedal

Janice Marie Foote
by NewBoldPhoto

His interview with Carly Erin, model :
Where are your limits and what are the most important things you take into consideration when deciding about accepting the work ?
My first rule is to create art and my second rule is to do things that I will be proud of. Just like my tattoos- if you do everything with a purpose, that identity doesn't fade. There is a story, a connection- something to bring it all about in the end. No matter whether it is a small production or large, simple or outlandish, art, glamour, fetish- I try to bring the spirit of art and integrity. But also something to consider is that you can't take yourself too seriously- so some of the projects I do just for the fun of it- a lot of my producers have become friends, so to go over and do a cute little giantess video is also a chance for a major gabfest and to connect once again with my friends.

Carly Erin
by Rudi (Amadeus Photography)

Carly Erin
by Tyler Keeler

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