November 14, 2008

What's new at World of the Nude Art ?

An interview of Chris Carroll, photographer, from Delaware, USA :
" I simply look to create art with the goal that everyone is human, and we are all interesting subjects in our own way. I like to break down a shot to the form and add a bit of glamour to my work, as well as some sophisticated sense of style. My hope is to have the viewer want to buy my work, but that has yet to happen. I am trying to turn my home studio operations to be able to produce a limited run of my work for profit. I would love to know that an image that I shot, is hanging on the wall of someone’s home, other than my own."

Art Model Zinn Star

Art Model Beth Caldwell

An interview of Penelope Grace
, model, from California, USA :
" My goal in nude modeling is to inspire artistic individuals and to be a part of art and expressing beauty and complexity to the world as a whole."

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