January 8, 2009

ImSirReal : ViewFinder Workshops, June 14-20, 2009

The ViewFinder Center for Photography announces :

On Location Workshops
Lake Como, Italy

From June 14th to 20th, 2009

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The Original Nude Workshop, from 14-20 June 2009 on Lake Como in northern Italy. This workshop will focus on fine art nude photography. A private estate above the village of Varenna will serve as our scenic backdrop with private pools and gardens. The workshop will be assignment based and we will have one model per every three students and ample shooting time everyday. Spaces are limited, so...

Learn by Doing Not by Watching

"Falling by"
Dancer Giulia

Nothing is more frustrating than paying money to attend a workshop only to discover that the instructor is more interested in developing his own portfolio than he/she is in helping you develop yours. At ViewFinder Center for Photography, we measure our success in our ability to help you grow and develop as a photographer.

It starts with a portfolio review at the beginning of the week, followed by tutorials on key topics (posing and working with models, choosing locations, studio/natural/available lighting techniques, post-processing, and editing/preparing a portfolio).

During the week, all students will focus on shooting with models, while the instructor works with them to help them improve their confidence in their creative, technical and editorial approach.

At the end of the week, each student will have a portfolio of fresh and new images he can be proud to take home.

The Original Nude, with IMSirReal,
Founder and director of ViewFinder Center for Photography

The shapes and curves of the human figure provide a unique and endless landscape for the photographer’s lens to explore. Has it all been done before ? Acclaimed fine art nude photographer ImSirReal, aka Bryon Paul McCartney, believes everyone has the possibility to create nudes that are original and uniquely their own.

Creating an original photographic style starts with developing confidence in one’s own ability to make critical decisions, and this comes through learning and experience.
ImSirReal will focus on the many facets of taking a comprehensive approach to professional fine art photography.

"Giulia 2"
Dancer Giulia

Dancer Giulia

What and Why ?

For one special week in June 2009, the ViewFinder Center for Photography will make its home at an estate high on a hilltop overlooking Lake Como, Italy.

ViewFinder On Location Workshops
: Como, Italy, from June 14th to 20th, 2009, will bring together professional and amateur photographers from around the world for a week of photography focused on learning, mastering new technical skills, sharing experiences and exploring creative expression :
“We’ve developed a week of focused and intensive study, with hands-on instruction and interactive projects, to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their passion for photography,” says Bryon Paul McCartney, founder and director of ViewFinder Center for Photography.

"Curl Girl"

With who ?

Video for Still Photographers.
Famed photographer
Vincent Laforet will conduct a masterclass exploring the convergence of video and still photography.

The Original Nude.
Fine art photographer
IMSirReal (aka Bryon Paul McCartney) will hold a workshop on creating original fine art nude photography.

From Passion to Profession.
And wedding and portrait photographer,
Philippe Wiget will lead a workshop on making a successful transition from amateur to paid professional photographer :
“We’re thrilled to have Vincent Laforet leading our masterclass this June, and to have Philippe Wiget on board to share his knowledge and creative approach. Our week in Italy will provide a dynamic learning environment in a stunning location that offers unlimited inspiration and opportunities for photographers.”

How ?

Daily activities will center on working with models and dancers in the studio and in natural settings.

Students will take on several assignments and be responsible for delivering a portfolio of images by the end of the week.

Workshops are limited to 12 students each to provide an exclusive and personalized learning experience.

All workshops are conducted in English and require the use of digital cameras.

Email : info@viewfindercenter.com
Telephone : +41 (0)52 203 3044

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