December 17, 2008

Iris Dassault's favorites

Iris Dassault

Alexey Nikishin -
"Classical Nude"

Andi Todea

Vic -
"Still life"

Michael Siu -

Koray Ates
Art Model Suzy

Gabriel Carvajal
"Edith lonely in the dark"
Art Model Edith Cruz

Jim Young -
"Nude 1"
Art Model Reven

Dave Ayerst Davies -
Art Model Erosanne

Siyar Demircan -
"Many in One"

Jo Graetz
"The Chain"

Jaroslaw Kubicki
"Textile 1"
Art Model Radka

Marc Hoppe -
Art Model Kat Love -

IMSirReal -
"Feeling strong now"
Dancer Giulia

André Brito -
"No title 42"

Pavel Kiselev -
"Incident in a heavenly henhous"

Darren Phillips -
"Before the Storm"
Art Model Anne Duffy

I Dani
"Captive IV"
Art Model Ana Maria

Mike Fisher
"No 16"


IMSirReal said...

Thanks for including my work, you're my favorite model that I haven't worked with yet.

|ris said...

Thank you for posting these. These are all images on DA that struck my eye over the past year and a half!