December 5, 2008

Scott James Prebble's new book !

"It all started with a polaroid"

by Scott James Prebble

Available : here.

" It’s finally here, the new book “It all started with a polaroid camera”.

"Open for Business"
Model Ari

" A year in the making and an expansion in my style has given birth to the new book, I chose to focus less on just the female body and decided to concentrate on putting more emotion, humor and storytelling into my images.

Working with Ari has always pushed me in new directions, she has bought out something in me and in my work that I have never explored before, delving into the internal turmoil in our minds and our past has lead to in my opinion some of the best photographic works I have ever created, they have real depth in there content and I am completely proud of them and have been looking forward to sharing them with the world in book form.

"Too much is never enough"
Model Ari

This book also marks 2 departures for me, the 1st is that it is a book dedicated to the images of just one person, I have never done that before, so you can imagine how special I think the work with Ari is, and 2nd is that I have changed publisher, working now with Blurb to produce a large format hardcover coffee table book with 100-pound silk-finish premium paper showing the images in all their glory.

If anyone who is interested in the title, it’s based around how Ari and I met, I work in a local camera store a couple of days a week and Ari came into the store about a year ago to ask about a camera we had for sale in the window, a 1970’s SX-70 Polaroid camera in fact, which she ended up buying and we have been inseparable ever since.

So if you like my work, and would like to support it buy yourself a copy because remember all money made on books goes straight back into making more Art, so it’s a win win situation."

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