December 24, 2008

Ted Preuss, new link

I feel like a child opening his presents under the Christmas tree... But it's the D day, isn'it ?

After Vernon Trent, I'm honoured to welcome Ted Preuss' Simple Beauty blog, a fine art photography journal where you'll find outstanding pictures commented by a great and renowned photographer. Go and admire right now !

"Forget Me Not 1"

" My images are not portraits - they are studies - yet they radiate the individuality of my subjects through their emotion-laced gestures.

My studies blend formal and sensual qualities, but they do not reside merely in the middle of the conventional spectrum - the women whom I represent exist for themselves.

The other half of the photographic process - the technique and especially the printing - is as important to me as practice of relating to my subjects. I chose platinum/palladium as a medium for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties for this vision. Platinum/palladium images reveal shadows and dark values beautifully ; the blacks become a force of nature." Ted Preuss

"Houseboat" - Model Larva X

Ted Preuss ©
Simple Beauty

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