December 31, 2008

Univers d'Artistes : Golden Fluffies Award 2008


From the bottom of my heart I thank Lin and Rich Bee (from Fluffytek).

I dedicate this precious Award to the Artists who daily contribute to the site, with passion and kindness. This Award is a collective one and each word of Lin and Rich Bee is for you.

Lin and Rich Bee from Fluffytek Awards 2008 :
" Chris St James has devoted thousands of hours into producing the finest collection of photographic fine art nudes on the planet.

This innovative blog features in depth interviews, features, exhibitions and articles of the world’s best nude photographers, models and writers.

It is more than a mere blog, it is a world in itself. You can immerse yourself in its daily delights and come out feeling enriched, after having experienced some truly breathtaking art.

Well done Chris ! You are the best at what you do. Your courage, hard work and dedication are deeply appreciated."

Congratulations to the other winners !

Award for the best Overall Photographic Nude Blog
Pretty Girl Shooter, by Jimmy D, photographer.

Award for the Best Fine-Art Nude Blog
Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes by Stephen Haynes, photographer

Award for the Best Model Blog
Lela Rae

Award for the Best Glamour Blog
Young, Rich, Gifted and Beautiful by Scott Church, photographer

Award for the Best Photographic Style
Chip Willis

Award for the Best Writer of the Year
What We Saw Today, by model and professional writer Unbearable Lightness, and photographer Joe Crachiola.

Award for the Best New Nude Photographic Blog
Speaking Truth by Dave Swanson, photographer

Award for the Best Blog Image Of The Year
This one from An American Model in London blog by Erin, model , and Danny Bourne, photographer.

Erin by Danny Bourne

This one by Dave Levingston , photographer
, of Exposed for the Shadows.

"Sheba Of The Mountains"

The Photographic Blog Special Achievement Award
Art Nudes by Michael Barnes, photographer.

For all details, compliments and congratulations, go and read Fluffytek Awards 2008.


Jarda said...

Congratulations, Chris. You deserve it.

And of course all the best in year 2009.


Wolf189 Photography said...

Congratulations! :)

Lin said...

Congrats to you Chris. A magnificent year's work!

Vernon Trent said...

like said on the "other side",
congratulations, well deserved.
keep up the good work.

happy new year :)


unbearable lightness said...

Congratulations, Chris! So well deserved!

And thank you for your generosity in featuring all the winners. That's what makes you so special!

Love and peace for 2009, my darling!

D.L. Wood said...

Congratulations on the Fluffie.

A well deserved award.

D.L. Wood

Chris St James said...

Thanks !!!!!! I'm red...