December 24, 2008

Vernon Trent, new link

New link and new follower ! Here is the brand new photoblog of Vernon Trent who inspires me one only word : WOW ! In capital letters, yes.

As usual, I've watched his work and I must confess (me too ! private joke) my admiration for his wonderful creativity. This kind of discovery is what I call the magic of Christmas...

Have a look, you'll be amazed too. Of course, more to come soon.

"The comfort of strangers I"
Art Model Kat Love

"I had the idea of a series processed like early photography, kind of "victorian" style with "modern artistic pose". The "fill the frame" concept was chosen to accentuate the pose and guide the viewer to the continuous lines and shapes created by the light set-up."

Vernon Trent was born in Romania in 1967.

His journey to the art you see today began as a child. When most children his age were playing games and attending parties, Vernon was honored with his very first photographic exhibition.

At the seasoned age of 10, his talents were already recognized by the local photographic community.

He currently resides near Dusseldorf Germany. His exhibitions include European as well as United States venues such as, Munich, Frankfurt, Bocholt, Ratingen, Duluth, San Mateo and Chicago.

Art Model Lie

Vernon Trent Photography ©