January 14, 2009

Andrew Kaiser's favorites (Absolute Reality Studios)

Andrew Kaiser

Two examples of his work (mainly in BW, natural light, "natural" life) :

And some of his favorites :

David Charles -
"Journeys End"
Art Model Muse -

Dark Matter Zone
"Stark Naked"
Art Model Whitne

Wild Places Photography
"Kimberlie Indoors 14"

Akif [HAKAN] Celebi -
"We Moved in Silence 2"
Art Model Veronica N

François Benveniste -
"Queen of the twenties"
Art Model Esa

Scott James Prebble -
"Be careful with your promises"
Art Model Rosie G Skilbeck Hodgson

Robert Peres
"What is there behind the light"

Pascal Renoux -
"Nu - matin C"

Scott Church -
"Casey in my office"

Kat Love -
Self portrait

Peter Karasev
"Nude on the sofa arm"

Thorsten Jankowski -
"Tip toe across the woodplank"
Art Model Isabella Reneaux

Siyar Demircan -
"Noisy 49"

Vladimir Borowicz
"Cascade street"

Pavel Kiselev -
"Decadence 2"

"Breaking Free"

Elisa Lazo de Valdez -
"Monarch III"

Joel Belmont -
"Untitled 61"

Rob Benson -

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