January 17, 2009

Gunther Vandenven

The artistic universe of Gunther Vandenven is blue. It's his pictural choice, the best expression of his talent. Powerful and very sensual, his work is a passionate tribute to the woman he loves so much, as you'll read it.

Art Model Elisse

" Amazing Elisse, a woman that stole my heart with her gorgeous, erotic expressions. After this wonderful and emotional shoot we keep in contact and I really want to know this fantastic girl better than is good for me. What would life be without sensational girls like her ? Elisse, thanks for giving your heart and soul to me."

Art Model Davon

" Davon is an asian beauty from the Phillipines and an outstanding nice model to work with. A beautiful shaped body and a fantastic look, with her gorgeous eyes she looks right into your soul. An asian angel coming down from heaven and the only thing she has to do is seducing us with her sensual body. She's a part-time model and is living in the Netherlands. It was a great afternoon working with her and I got a lot of fantastic pictures of this girl. Another woman that stole my heart, thanks a lot for these wonderful time together Davon."

From his blog :
How difficult is it to make a beautiful nude photo ?

Art Model Christina

Taking pictures of a beautiful naked girl is what a lot of people want to do. The only thing is that it is extremely difficult.

The less clothes she has on the more difficult it is to make a beautiful photo. It looks easy but it isn’t.

Art Model Delicious

First of all you have the body. Every girl has a different shape and that makes that you can not put the girl in any pose you want, you really have to search for the right pose.
Some girls are more flexible than others but that is something you only know at the moment you are shooting.
You also see every small detail, like scars, birthmarks, etc. This is what you can work away with photoshop but when we talk about wrinkles that’s something completely different.

Art Model Ophelia

And second of all the pose that the model takes is also very important for me. It has to be artistic, sexy and erotic but not vulgar, and where is it to draw the line. That is also for every person completely different.

I don’t mind showing more than the regular nude in a very erotic way. Sometimes people will tell me than it is going too far. But that is everyones personal opinion.

Art Model Monalisa

" Monalisa is an amateur model who poses from time to time as a hobby, not as a professional. She's a fabulous woman, not shy at all and a natural look that's soooo beautiful, a girl from my heart. She doesn't pose that much for nudeshoots but I had the oppurtunity to work with her twice and there will be more shootings in the future, just have to find out another idea to wok out with this wonderful model. And when she models it is a fantastic experience for me. She goes all the way and that's what I like most, don't holding back, just giving everything she got and that's a lot. A star is born and this time it is Monalisa and not Barbra Streisand. A great thanks from my heart Monalisa for these (again) outstanding pictures you gave me."

Art Model Domino

" Domino is a sweet and classy model, fantastic to work with. She's a student with a love for nude-photography as well as a model as an artist behind the camera. Thank you so much Domino for your looks."

Art Model Laura

" Oh what a fantastic woman she is, Laura. Sensuality on top of the world. When she talk to you she steal your heart with her soft voice and her absolutely fabulous eyes. It is impossible to ignore this girl, she get your attention and she won't let go. A very smart woman who knows what she wants and know how to get it but in a nice way. Knowing her is worth a fortune, having her as a friend is feeling like a millionaire. I am a millionaire and I have no regrets at all. Thanks Laura for being a friend and for posing for these beautiful pictures."

From his blog : What type of model are you looking for ?

Art Model Monalisa

I am not exactly looking for any special type of model. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but for me it is important that she has a beautiful body. I know this is for everybody different but for the ideas I want to bring out she has to be sensual and everything must be in the good proportions.

It is not necessary for me that the model has any experience, it is the motivation that counts.

Of course also important is the expression of the body and the face if she looks into the camera. It has to be a look that speaks for itself with a lot of character and erotic intentions, what is not always that easy but I try to get this as much as I can.

Art Model Titziana

" She's definitely gorgeous and wonderful. Titziana, the blond sexy woman with the sensuality of an angel coming straight from heaven to show us what she got. And she got it for sure, no doubt about that. A slim beautiful shaped body that's great to take pictures from. She's new but she's completely there. Thanks Titziana."

Art Model Delicious

" A professional nudemodel from Holland, Delicious. What's in a name ? It speaks for itself, she really was "delicious" to work with. Because she was so experienced she came with a lot of great ideas for shooting wonderful pictures. Sometimes I learn from the models instead of the models learning from me, but I don't mind. Pictures you make together as a team not as an individual. For this, thank you so much Delicious."

From his blog : What do you expect from the models who pose for you ?

Art Model Nikki

The most important thing is that the model is standing for a 100% behind the photographers idea and concept of a photoshoot. That is the basic of a good cooperation between model and photographer. If it is not there I don’t even start a shoot.

I prefer also that the model is relaxed when I begin shooting with her, that’s why I always start with a small conversation of how we going to build up the session, talking about this and that - all kinds of stuff - just to get her relaxed and motivated At that moment I can also check out her inspiration and how she feels about shooting artnude, because a lot of models (most of them) I see for the first time when we start our first session together. So for me the first moments that we meet are very important for the results of my shoot and to get the model 100 % motivated that she will give the best of herself.

I also want to mention here that not only the photographer the one is who makes the pictures, it is teamwork between model and photographer and the creation of ideas which ends up in outstanding results.

Art Model Jella

" I want to present you Jella, a slim girl with a perfect body who is very into art nude photography. I found her by surfing the net, looking for models and there she was on a photography site for models and photographers. She has a very open mind concerning modeling and is professional to work with. She's absolutely not afraid of the camera as you can see and she poses in a sensual and seducing way. At the moment she stopped modeling for a while but I hope to do some more shoots in the future with her. Hereby a lot of thanks to you Jella."

Art Model Centia

" Centia is a very adorable model, young and beautiful and experienced in modelling for art nude photography. Still a litlle bit shy but very willing to show the best side of her body. Not afraid of the camera, I could ask without any problem any pose I want her to take. Lovely to work with you Centia, a big thanks to you."

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