January 22, 2009

Bravo to the new generation !

" True, I am young, but for souls nobly born valor doesn't await the passing of years."

" Car aux âmes bien nées, la valeur n'attend point le nombre des années"
Pierre Corneille, French tragedian, 1606-1684.

Dmitry Puzyrev
"Katya in flight from the window"

They are young, they love what they do, they have choosen their way and they live their passion with courage, perseverance and faith (the magic recipe !).

These "young" men and women under 30 are talented and work hard to improve their skills and to be heard in the world of photography.

I say a huge bravo to each of them. Keep going on ! We follow you... Step by step.

Nikola Borissov :
" Keep your eyes and your senses open, try to look at everything with the eyes of a newborn, contemplate the world, it's immenselo beautiful when you start perceiving it with all your senses !"

Tiki Llanes, 28 years old -

"Ethereal Being"
Model Sofia

Zhang Jingna, 20 years old -

"Forgotten Fairytales"
Model Sveta

Kamil Krawczyk, 20 years old -

"Look in your eyes 4"
Model Justyna

David Kirk, 28 years old -

"By the Kelvin"
Model Pinkyg

Nadia Wicker, 27 years old

Self portrait

Marco Arbani, 23 years old -

"Don't mess with me"
Model Beatrice

Lora Palmer, 23 years old -


Corwin Prescott, 20 years old


Lara Jade, 19 years old -

"Holly Studio I"
Model Holly

Anna Piovani, 24 years old -

"Chinese box"

J. Borodina (Eliara), 19 years old -

" Promise"

Lorand Peli, 28 years old -

" Wired"

Elipa, 21 years old -

" Backbone"

GOnFriday, about 20 years old -

" Sun and moon"

Anca Cernoschi, 23 years old -

" Window 3"

Kat Love, 23 years old -

"Anamorphosis" - Self portrait

Erin, 27 years old -

"A sofa in Brooklyn"
Art Model Bellabrooke

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