June 26, 2010

Dear readers

Thank you, Gracias, Grazie, 谢谢, Danke, Obrigado, Спасибо, Merci !

By Cordon Pride

Thank you to each of you.

You follow this site on a daily basis and we are sure you have something to bring us, a suggestion, a wish, maybe the desire to be featured or to contribute, to add something of your own that could interest our artistic community ?

So, write us a comment or a mail.
You'll be always welcome.

Tiki Llanes -
"Deep Thoughts"
Model Marcela Guirado


Quoc-Bao said...

Hi, is there any chance to appear on your blog? Thanks anyway.

Lin said...

A huge thank you to you too Chris! Your hard work and dedication to photographic art always brings us much pleasure.

Chris St James said...

Thanks a lot Lin, you're so kind...

Dear Quoc-Bao, maybe you have a chance, but you're not a photographer ?... So tell me more.