January 5, 2009

Favorites of F.W. Scharpf

F.W. Scharpf

During his interview, I asked him :
"What are your preferences ?..."

He answered : "Outdoors, definitely. Natural daylight. B&W generally, but some images are simply better in color."

As you see, his favorite pictures reflect his pictorial choices.

Dave Levingston -
"Eden in a slot canyon"

Ken Chen
Art Model Kat Love -

Rob Benson -
"Secret Place"

Louis-Thomas Plamondon
"Nus forestiers II"
Art Model Dilena Marine

GW Burns -
"Sands of Time"
Art Models Catalina and Maya

Dave Rudin -
"Nude, Scotland 2, 2004"

Al Calkins -

Des Barry
"No 5"
Art Model Madame Bink -

"Christmas Nude 2008"
Art Model Katy T

David Winge
Art Model Charlotte

Gerhardt Thompson -
"Fire Burn... Cauldron Bubble"

Andre J -
"Relief Sculpture"
Art Model White Peach

Charles E. Nevols -
"Mystery of Life"
Art Model Kat Love -

Scott Nichol -
"Sierra Nevada Sunrise"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

Scott Church -
"Nothing is never new"

"Bridge from Ego to Being"
Art Model Neli

Dave Swanson -
"Boundary Waters"
Art Model Erin -

François Benveniste -
"Disposable model"
Art Model Annette

Andrew Kaiser -
"The Path"

You'll find F.W. Scharpf at : his PBase gallery,
his space at deviantART, Foto Talk, his first feature.

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gba said...

wow..great photos..i love them..