January 14, 2009

IMSirReal : his brand new blog !

IMSirReal (photographer) has just started a new blog called "Behind the Nudes" (already linked of course).

His intention is to share thoughts and techniques behind the creation of artistic nude photography :

" Ultimately, my goal is to try to reveal both the creative and technical process involved in making fine art and erotic nudes.

Through interviews, I will tell this story from the perspective of both models and photographers. Of course, I will also share my personal experiences and thoughts and perhaps from time to time, I might get off-topic.

Anyway, I have started with some initial posts. More is sure to come, so stay tuned and please feel free to pass the address on to others."

Art Model Nelly

" I shot with Nelly for the first time this past week. What a pleasure she was to work with, I wish more models had the interest and desire to work that she does. It really shows, even in these images, which are essentially out of the camera with some basic processing in Aperture.
People often ask me why I use Aperture and not Lightroom. Truth is that I adapted to the Aperture workflow early on and now I simply find any other model to be backwards. But beyond that, as a creative tool, I can get from capture to creative in seconds flat. I worked on these images while reviewing them with the model. Two or three clicks and I was able to show her how I saw the final image. Of course, these are just quick treatments, a sort of first step in the process, but I can quickly see if an idea will work or not, and I can easily mimic specific filter effects without much effort."

"Look into the Future"
Art Model Francesca

A post I love ! What interesting questions !... What a crazy world...

"Dressed Up with No Place to Go"

" What if we lived in a society where it was a crime to cover our bodies with clothing ?

What if wearing clothing was a completely foreign concept ?

Why do we cover ourselves in the first place ? Protection ? Humility ? Self-consciousness ? Stupidity ?

Why do some believe that it is an offense to God to expose skin in public ?

Do they were clothes on other planets or have they advanced beyond such needs ?
If the Earth is getting warmer, doesn't it make sense to wear less ?
Why should anyone be offended by nudity ?
Isn't it a natural state of being ?
Isn't that how we greet the world ?
Isn't that what God intended ?
I don't have the answers, I am just asking the questions."

By the way, don't forget his next workshop (spaces are limited !) :

On Location Workshops
Lake Como, Italy

From June 14th to 20th, 2009

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