January 30, 2009

Isabel Rose's interview

" I love being a muse, giving photographers the inspiration and freedom to capture what they have always wanted to capture, but may have been too shy to ask, due to image in this profession. I love being their fantasy model, giving them their fantasy shoot." Isabel Rose

Dear Isabel, tell us when and why did you begin modeling ?

My fiancé took some pictures of me in Canada in 2005, I was very shy and felt awkward. He told me I was beautiful and I became over whelmed. As tears trickled down my checks my fiancé continued to take pictures.
After I moved to Wisconsin in 2006, I stumbled onto photoshop and began adjusting one of the images. As the different shades started to enhance the image, I found myself inspired by the pureness of the real emotion that we had captured.

You’re a photographer too, isn’t it ?

I began taking pictures of myself on a small hand held camera using a 10 second timer, it was not easy, but I was trying to capture different parts of my body, different expressions.

Sometimes when I look at things I just see a beautiful capture, or I see how it would look with different shadows or lighting, I guess that makes me a photographer, yes.

by DarkStorms Photography

" Change
drifts on the wind
feel the warmth
as the darkness surrounds you..
Hello it whispers
pulling you into the fear.
touching and kissing your skin..
But dreams can not be held back..
Fly for life has it's own destiny..
Tears of beauty trail my cheeks
for it is so beautiful to see
an angel flying to close to the ground
wrapped in serenity..

Of what was, of what is, of what will be
life's lessons of love and pain,
but without one
you would not know
the difference between the other..
Isabel Rose

It seems you have a large part in the creation ?

Yes, I also do the post processing on most of my images.

And what are the things you like the best about modeling ?

I love being a muse, giving photographers the inspiration and freedom to capture what they have always wanted to capture, but may have been too shy to ask, due to image in this profession. I love being their fantasy model, giving them their fantasy shoot.

I love that what they capture is real, it is not posed or fake.
All of my images are me, just being me in an everyday natural moment of thought or emotion.

by DarkStorms Photography

by Hank Maher

In your work, what is the genre you prefer ?

Classy artistic nudes that really push the envelope as far as it will allowed, but still be tasteful and elegant.

And what is your greatest accomplishment as a model ?

It is making my photographers smile, knowing that I inspire their blank canvas at that moment.

It is a wonderful feeling when the combination of photographer and muse creates something beautiful.

A tough question : could you choose your own favorite photo ?

I love this one. I call it “I Know You’re There”. It was a very simple capture that, with a little shadowing, turned out to be a very emotional image.

"I Know You're There"

A nice one indeed. What makes you so creative in your poses ?

I am just me. What the photographers that work with me want to capture is real emotion, that is what I give them by being me. It is something that comes from within me, I like to call it my spirit or essence. I really have no other explanation for it.

Isabel, you like to play with light and shadows. Some of your photos are very contrasted. Is there your choice or this of your photographers ?

The shadow work is done by me. I feel that the using light and shadow leaves the viewer open to things unseen.
Since everyone sees things differently, the shadows can move people in different ways with different emotions. Instead of just putting it all out there, it leaves more to the imagination.

by Hank Maher

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ? Exhausted, excited ?...

At the end of the shoot, I really don’t want the session to end since we usually are having so much fun.

Some of my photographers travel a great distance to work with me so we schedule for a day, sometimes two, to get the most out of the right lighting. I enjoy every second in front of the camera creating and working with the photographer to capture the images that they see in their mind. It is very exhilarating.

by DarkStorms Photography
"The power of light"

Can you feel that your body is in the right place, in the right moment, in the best lighting ?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If I was in a room of mirrors that would certainly help, lol.
The photographer will usually direct me if they are looking for a specific shot or angle. Other times the poses will just flow and be captured in the right frame.


" I wait
within the darkness

Lost in the silence

The breath
out of my soul
as I lay
waiting for the rain
to fall
pouring life
down on me. "
Isabel Rose
I feel that you prefer to be free to move as you feel, to improvise ?

I usually just flow. Depending on the set and the details the photographer has given me about what they are looking to capture, sometimes a slight adjustment of hand or angle is needed. We just work together and have fun.

Who is the photographer you're dreaming to work with ?

There so many fabulous photographers out there.
My dream is to work with those who want to create, to do their own dream photo shoot, capturing the images without fear of offending the model.

I know you're also a poet and you're preparing your book. Is it the first one ? Will you publish your photos ?

Right now I am working at putting together an erotic nude book. This is my first book. It will contain images that push the envelope, ones that can not be shown on places like DeviantART or Model Mayhem, due to their content policy. Included with the images will be my poetry. Depending on the image, it may be erotic, it may be emotional writing.

"The wind of change is upon me"

I am very excited to be able to combine my writing with my images, something I never would have even thought of 2 years ago.

Any message you’d like to leave our readers ?

" Expect the sun to rise, and warm you
Expect the rain drops to wet your skin
Expect the wind to chill you slightly
Expect the flowers to fill the air with their sweet scent
Expect the nights darkness to swallow your soul
Expect your fears to haunt you
Expect new hunger to burn and feed you
Expect new growth each day through out your life
Expect to die, when it is your chosen day.

Always expect the unexpected."

I promise ! Thanks a lot Isabel. For your kindness, your passion and your beautiful words.

Isabel Rose © at Model Mayhem, deviantART

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Michael Culhane said...

Nice to see you featured here, well deserved. Erotic art and poetry are hard to combine well. Looking forward to release of your book.