April 25, 2010

Robert Lubanski's favorites

His work, mainly in BW, often outdoors :

Some of his favorites :

Marc Hoppe -

"No name"


"I forgot you Paris"



Alessandro Bucci

"hiddEN draGOn"

Gilles Berquet

"Head cube"

Alexey Aloisov -

"Let me out"

Petr Drozdov

"Evening stones II"

Jean Turco -

"Nude 254"
Art Model Lucille

Steffen Drache

"On a tree 2"

Andrey Eroshkin

"Philosopher's stone"
Model Olga

Alexey Nikishin -

"Irina in my studio"

Andrew Kaiser -

"Rise and Fall"

Michal Tokarczuk -

"Karo 831"
Art Model Karolina

Siniša Glogoški

"True face of fashion..."

Chaerul Umam


1 comment:

Sully said...

Love the Image "Evening Stone"

Amazing composition, and lighting.