February 3, 2009

Censorship : let's fight !, by Michael Vasquez

An article written by Michael Vasquez, photographer

A new/old wave of censorship is sweeping the world like a blight.

Art blogs that feature photographers who don’t conform to this harsh standard are under attack from the Taliban's of our countries.

From John Ashcroft who covered the statue Spirit of Justice because of her exposed breast to the beaches of Australia where topless sunbathing is under assault by a new prudishness is sweeping the world. But it’s far too late to put that genie back in the bottle even if everyone wanted to.

Our culture is build on the selling of sexual promises real or unspoken, that what’s advertising is all about the promise.

We are inundated with provocative images, some of them tasteful and some of them not quite. Blogs too are filled with the work of some very fine photographers but also includes lots of wanna be’s. No one is pushing this stuff on you however you have to go looking if you’re interested in finding it. It’s not like some porn purveyors are loading this into your or your children computer while you are surfing for something else.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

so it is with porn what you seek is what you’ll find. Child pornography is not the primary issue, here it is a question of finding art that suits your creative needs.
The issue of child pornography is a red herring thrown up as justification for the repression of nude photography in general. It’s a repression of the people and the lifestyles of people who offend those puritanical amongst us. It is the Taliban's way of dealing with the realities of life, if thy eye offends thee pluck it out.

That is not the way a truly free society operates in this day and age.

People are dying for the freedom to live and let live, the freedom to pursue our way of life unimpeded by the repression of tyrants. Unfortunately in a free society we have to put up with the malcontents and the misfits. That’s what make our society free, a willingness to let two consenting adults do what please them as long as no one is hurt or damaged in the process.

The pursuit of happiness is a long cherished right of free men and women everywhere.

The pursuit of glorious art brings happiness and joy to the soul of the beholder.

For generations artists have been pursuing that elusive quality of nudity that bring joy to the eyes and hearts of many. For generations too many artists have been persecuted for their art, for their vision and their freedom. That freedom to create comes at a high cost for us all.

Now we are being called to once more defend the rights of our fellow artists and to stand with them and be counted. It is a right worth defending. It is a freedom too precious to loose to those who wish us to cower in silence.

Stand up for your rights and your art before it's too late.


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