February 22, 2009

Fusion, by Howard Nowlan

2009 will be a great year of excellence and creativity between Howard Nowlan and Norwegian model, Magenta.

It has been almost three years since fine art photographer, Howard Nowlan and Norwegian model, Magenta, began working together in the West of England, and 2009 could well be the year in which the excellence and creativity of this artistic collaboration becomes appreciated by a great many more people.

"This year will allow us to truly develop a new dynamic to our work", notes Howard, "as we spend more time not only focused upon key artistic projects, but using such times to hone and further our goals as we work in co-operation with another artistic element - that of the superb skills of photographer and all round inspiration, Laurie Jeffery".

Laurie has been working in concert with Howard's Unison Photo Arts Group since the fall of last year, and this is already producing striking results.

"The first couple of shoots have gone really well", notes Laurie & Howard, "and Magenta has been developing a whole bunch of new ideas for themes and make-up for future projects, as we have been plotting locations, both here and abroad, for these. It should be a very creative year".

First up will be a new video that Laurie is currently creating of Magenta and Howard working together on a recent studio shoot, so watch out for more!

You can also catch a sample 'taster' video of this shoot right here.

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