February 22, 2009

Groovaciousk's interviewed by Jason Tag

Groovaciousk, Art Model,
interviewed by Jason Tag, photographer

She is no longer modeling.

"You, my dear, are a muse. The model that 99% of good photographers dream about and 1% get the opportunity to create art with." RW Roberts Photography

by Andrew Gettler - "Symbol I"

by Michael Helms -
"Pelican Head"

Where are you from ?

I'm actually from Orange County, a once peaceful mecca in the southern sprawl of California now engulfed in a giant parking structure made up of counties from the north at Oxnard right down to the border. People from out of this area have always considered all of Southern California to be LA. With the exception of Norco and Baker, I think it's actually true now.

Where did you go to school ?

I went to Christian schools growing up, I had a dash of home schooling on my English reading and grammar as the school systems public and private made the huge mistake of rejecting phonics for sight reading. My homeschooling is what gave me the edge as a writer. I've studied ministry off and on with a long term goal of having my own church one day. I studied massage and practiced therapy for 15 years until my back started to bother me and then went searching for something else.

by Walker
"Summer's Shower"

Have you always wanted to model ?

I can't say that I thought about it. I obviously wasn't a supermodel physique so it didn't occur to me that there was more out there as far as artistic modeling and plus size or any of that.

I was an ugly duckling growing up. My mom had to take me out of one school because I was harassed so bad for my homeliness. I was nominated heart breaker of the year as a joke with the other ugliest kid in school. When I was supposed to show up for the picture for that, my mom finally let me change schools. I'm still mostly of the opinion that kids suck. I cried myself to sleep every night of junior high. My first two years of high school I actually gave up bathing because I was so depressed.

by David Winge -
"You Are The Song"

My mom once asked me why I wouldn't run a comb through my hair in the morning at least. I remember saying : "They wouldn't like me anyway. What's the difference ?" She always told me they were jealous but I remember thinking I was actually retarded and she and my dad put me in private schools because they didn't want to tell me (I could scan you some pictures from back then but you'd never believe it was me anyway !). My lack of fitting in was acute to say the least.

As I grew out of my awkward phase and developed "the boys" (just after high school actually) I became a real ham. I think that was due in part to my voice lessons and singing.

Do we have time for a mini novel ? There's so much truth that's stranger than fiction in this that I don't want to leave out.

by Shye
"Shie Takes Miss K"

Once I realized I was good at singing, I became a total entertainer. That probably made me a natural actress and model.

I was a late bloomer. It's funny. Kids used to chant at me in school "Roses are red, violets are black, the front of your chest is as flat as my back". If they could see me now... I used to pray so hard for boobs. Too hard, I guess. My mom wanted to get me a tight fitting cut off shirt that read "PRAYER WORKS" across the front of it.

To answer your question, simply : nope. Never thought about modeling really.

by B. C. Helm
"Live The Question"

by David Winge
"Gotta Have It"

As an artist, I have a deep affinity for models of all styles and when I meet a model for the first time, one of my favorite questions to ask is : how did you get started in modeling ?

Attempting my next "career", I tried starting a company consulting singles groups and writing profiles for online dating. I went looking for someone to get me some good head shots.

I came across David Winge who gave me his rates but then offered to trade me if I'd model for him. He sent me a link to his nudes. Wow ! I was pretty shocked. I thought they were beautiful but one tends to think in the back of their mind : "What's the ramifications of having nude pictures of yourself floating around ?" Then I thought about it and considered that my boobs were only going to get longer so I might as well document them while they're still above my knee caps. Once out in the wild, there was no stopping me.

Naked in the wilderness just seemed to fit for the times I was going through transitioning out of my massage career.
There are two ways one can run naked in the wilderness : literally or figuratively. I choose literally.

by David Winge
"An Eagle's Cry"

What was that first session like ? What was going through your mind the first time you posed nude ?

David Winge and Groovaciousk
By Bill Helm

The first day, I brought my friend, Billy as a chaperon who was instructed to stay in the Jeep and out of the way so as not to screw with my mojo. I guess David had some bad experiences with new nude models who had boyfriends who made faces when they posed that brought forth insecurities. Having been a terribly ugly child, I kinda see everything from where I started as uphill. I'm not sure I put a ton of stock in looks. However, I started modeling nude at about as heavy as I've ever been. Luckily, I had no idea of this until after I saw the processed photos.

by David Winge
"Double Trouble"
With Art Model Rebel Smith

Anyway, David, Billy and I drove around long lost fire roads for hours looking for this location we shot in. David was getting frustrated. Billy was tired and car sick. I was still kind of nervous.

Once my clothes were off and I could hear nothing out there but the click of the shutter, I became the naked Judy Garland on stage before thousands of adoring fans. I was swept away.

When I saw the photos, I freaked at first at how fat I'd become. Then, as I looked at them more and more, I realized I was as much art as the fallen tree. David's work really conveys that message of unity and harmony. I started to see my folds and flubbers as beautiful and natural.

by David Winge
"Say It Anyway"

How long have you been modeling and what was it that got you to consider modeling ?

I've been doing this for over a year and a half now. I can't believe it. Now, I'm meeting these models that are in their early, early twenties that I'm sustaining a career modeling nude starting at 33.

by John Middelkoop
Sirens Series
With Art Model Jade

by John Middelkoop
Sirens Series II
With Art Model Jade

by Ken McFarland
"Taking Root"

Do you find that you prefer to model for one art form over another ?

I like art nude because it's really hard to fit the boys into clothes that haven't been custom tailored to hoist them up and I'm not the kind of girl that spends a lot of money on clothes. I guess being nude seems more (you won't believe this) natural. I know. It's kind of obvious.

As far as modeling for sketch artists, if he's cute, staring at me and I'm cramping up to hold still for him, sort of suffering for his art... Well, that's kind of hot in a masochistic sort of way I guess. I have given up modeling for anyone that makes me hold pose for more than a couple minutes. I got into this because my back wasn't good from years of massage. I am actually older than these other girls. I did a class once at Long Beach State that had me in a pose... I hurt myself so bad, I couldn't work out for over two weeks. I'll stick to photos. I definitely prefer working outdoors to studio where I tend to run out of inspiration after an hour or so.

by Ken McFarland
"Doll Face"

What qualities in a photographer/artist do you look for when choosing between modeling opportunities ?

I work with artists. I already start off with the disadvantage of having unusually large natural breasts which attracts a lot of cheesy glamour porn amateurs that want me to get naked, in lingerie or a bikini and roll around on the bed- oh and can we video this shoot ? No. I try to not work with anyone that I feel people will look at the shoots afterward and say "She gets naked for money."

I do get naked and I happen to get paid for it, but I prefer there to be some kind of concept or project. My first paid shoot was exactly the kind of disaster where I felt really naive. I was. Now, I pick who I work with more cautiously. I have more of a say in my poses. You grow up quick in this.

How would you define your modeling style ?

by David Winge
"Call Of The Wild"

I'm just me. That's all I've got. I just draw on my life, love and experience and put it into the art.

What is the one thing about the work that you love more than any other and why ?

I guess I enjoy being art. It's total reverie to a great cosmic maker. It doesn't matter if people feel it's ugly or gross or beautiful or sexy. It just matters that they feel.

by RunAmok Photography
"What You See"

What is the one experience you've had in your career as a model, that you treasure the most ?

I love hangin' out with David Winge. I love the new friends I've made, dA and the community of artists I'm in. I feel like for once in my life, I fit in and I'm home. Did I just say that ? That's odd.

I love working, making a living, doing something I'm totally passionate about that expresses a deep inner truth as corny as that sounds.

by B. C. Helm
"Wild Child"

Is there any message or advice that you'd like to put out to aspiring models or models who may be starting out ? Is there anything that you wished someone had told you when you were started out ?

The main thing with modeling is to find a mentor and ask questions. Always, always, always check references for photographers from other models and implore them to give you honest feedback about how they felt working with a photographer. London Andrews has given me a lot of advice. Don't be afraid to ask for it. It's like any business. You have to promote yourself and you have to set an intention and you have to release your expectations and be true to yourself through everything and be grateful that you have a body that carries you and holds in it a thousand words or more about your truth to convey through your art.

Oh, yes... Stop looking at your flaws as flaws and see them as character. I adore my ski slope nose. Would never ever change it. With that kind of confidence shines a beauty that is authentically, remarkably and unmistakably you.

by David Winge
"Beautiful Inflection"


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Awesome!! Great interview Jason & Karen and thank you so much for sharing it here Chris.

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Great interview.

She is A Beautiful Woman.

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