February 3, 2009

Kat Love's favorites

Kat Love

Art Model and Photographer

Her modeling work

by Eric Ardent - "Reluctant"
by Ken Chen - "Grieve"

Her photographic work


Her favorites photographs : Emotions and Expressions

Andrew Kaiser -
"The Rage"

Doug Winsor -
"Sun down"
Art Model Jay

Joel Belmont -
"And Greater works than These"
Painting by Lili Belmont

Rachel Lovitt -
"The Mourning After"

Alex Ingram -
Art Model Laura

Vernon Trent -
"Evolution of a movement II"
Art Model Kiara

Minon -

Ted Preuss -
Art Model Candace

Matthew Scherfenberg -
"Untitled Lite Painting"

Peter Bajzek
"Moon no 8"
Art Model Moon Marie -

Rob Benson -
Art Model Rosie

David Charles -
"Still Waters Run Deep"
Art Model Muse -

Scott Church -
"In the factory"
Art Model Courtney

Miller Photo

Nic Marchant
"Leaning Nude"
Art Model Clayre Mc Kinnen

André Brito -
"No title 34"

José Manchado -
"God's creation"
Art Model Mamen

Vahid Naziri -
"The Steps"
Art Model Anna

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Vahid Naziri said...

Thank you, Chris. It really feels great to be featured among all these amazing works of art.