February 2, 2009

World of the Nude Art updates

An interview of Jason Tag -
" Each and everyone of us can be beautiful if we allow ourselves to be beautiful. Regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, height, weight, and age, we are all beautiful because we are unique. And it is my hope that people will see the work and see that they too are beautiful." Jason Tag

"Stream Bed"
Art Model Ashleigh

Art Model Jessamyne

Featured photographer : Carlos Gil Gamundi (from Spain)

An interview of Afua Serwaa, model from Los Angeles, Usa :
" I think very great and natural look is always essential. I love to see natural lines. Of course if you are a dancer, gymnast or even an athlete like myself, it helps to make your natural lines and look comes out more. You have to constantly getting better; you want to work with the people who share the same view." Afua Serwaa

By Renée Jacobs
"Sun light"

By Sylvie Blum -
"La Bouche"

A very interesting thematic article about theatrical and stage nude Photography :

" Theatrical and staged photography is an arranged photo shoot. It means setting up a scene from an artistic and deliberate perspective to illustrate an idea using theatrical techniques such as location, set, props, make-up, models, lighting etc and then taking a photo of it. Often the motif of naked bodies is used." Jarda Balek

Mirabilia Images -
"Dance in Fa diesis minore"


Jarda said...

Hi, thanx. Things are well, but no much time. Hope you are well too...

SB said...

Jason Tang's photo "Forest" is elegantly seductive. He used a limited color palette so we are not overwhelmed by the strong warm colors of the tree and the model's beautiful hair and skin. The model's "S" curve pose is a classic art that celebrates the feminine form. This photo is very inspiring to me and makes me want to try similar ideas. Thanks for showing his work.