February 20, 2009

World of the Nude Art updates

By Jarda Balek

Here are some extracts of the new articles of my friend and contributing artist Jarda Balek !
Click on the links to see more and enjoy.

The interview of a gorgeous American art model : Psithurism.
" When I'm shooting I definitely get into a "zone" where every other thought in my mind disappears and the world around me dissolved, and then it's just me and the photographer... that's when the magic happens, that's when I get that adrenaline rush, that's WHAT I get from nude modeling." Psithurism

Marc Hoppe's feature
, some wonderful pictures by my German friend :

A long and very well documented article about Photoshop as a creative tool :

" The aim of this article is to show on examples creative use of this tool in creating final images. I do not want to discuss in depth the main topic of countless discussions : “ Is the Photoshop altered image still a photograph ?” In my opinion if the resulting image is based on a photograph it is still a photograph. Why ? There are many techniques used in classic darkrooms for alterations (retouching, combining two or more photographs, collages, etc.) which are widely accepted as photographs (except for some fundamental purists of course). Photoshop is just a different tool to do that."

Jarda Balek

Jarda Balek

Hataiiia Hataiiia's feature, a talented American photographer I didn't know and to discover right now :

Miss Mosh's feature, American art model :

An illustrated article about the "innovation" in Fine Art, beginning with a pretty difficult question :

" Discussing photography in general (and nude photography in particular) regarding of eventual success of individual photographer we often hear about necessity of vision, need of own style, need of innovative approach and of course need of fresh ideas. On the contrary we often hear that everything has been already photographed… So, where is the truth ?"

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