March 17, 2009

“Alice Returns” by Andrew Cumberland

The Creation of “Alice Returns”
The story behind.
By Andrew Cumberland (Australia), photographer.

" For quite a while, I’ve been quietly inspired
by American McGee’s “Alice” computer game.
It’s full of rich imagery with more than a touch of darkness.
Naturally, I wanted to explore the world of an older, darker, and evil Alice."

" I found the perfect model for the shoot in the appropriately named "CAT" . For those who know the computer game, the resemblence between the lead charater and the model is astounding. Her slight build and porcellain skin was perfect.

With the help of a superb make-up artist named Rtizztree by Darian, I set about the process of exploring the inner mind of our erstwhile cute and child-like heroin.

We began by creating typically cutesy versions. I explained to CAT that I wanted the "real Alice" in these shots.

I wanted to capture the older Alice with her mind still in tact. This gave us a strong starting point to compare the later images with.

Then we wanted to picture the gradual transition of the sweet Alice to her eventual evil self. The next two shots are designed to demonstrate that transformation.

I particularly did not want to go straight to the evil Alice. I wanted the viewer to come on the journey with us and to stay connected to Alice.

The thoughts behind these next images is that gradually, poor young Alice began to feel the pressure of living in an adult world.

Cracks begin to show in her perfect world. She feels that the normal joys of life are fading and that her friends are turning on her.

Finally, the evil Alice emerges in all her shocking glory.

Eventually, the pain and disappointment had progressively built up, until her mind begin shatters.

Behaviors that would have once been deemed impossible in such a sweet young girl spring to the fore and she strikes back at the world and her friends whom she felt had betrayed her.

I love CAT's acting ability in the last two shots. Her expression was perfect for the crazed Alice that had emerged. Darian's makeup skill had helped bring the scene to life.

I guess that I could have changed the background away from the plain black to a more approrpriate one like a forrest or twisted chequered pattern. However, I wanted to focus to remain on Alice herself and what might be going through her head. Hopefully, that was what we achieved."

Andrew Cumberland ©

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