March 13, 2009

The Braunschweiger Schule is born !

It was a long time I was waiting for this marvellous news : The Braunschweiger Schule (Braunschweig, Deutschland) is born ! I'm so glad when a project succeeds...

Founded by 3 talented masters of the photography, Thorsten Jankwowski, Marc Hoppe (recently published in Carrie Leigh's NUDE) and Michael Papiendick, and all three contributing artists of UdA, here is a tremendous opportunity for all those who want to improve their art.

The studio

First, let's talk a little about these 3 worldwide renowned masters !

Thorsten Jankowski - :

" Born in 1968 in Braunschweig, Germany, I'm taking images of mankind ever since I can think.
I'm specialized in studio portraiture since 2003, and focus in Nude Sculpures since 2005. This is my great goal.

Black and white addicted, I see myself as a Sculptor of bodies - the human form is predestinated to create images which rock.

When I am taking pictures, I am working. I am conducting, I am analyzing, I am waiting for the right moment, I am anathematising the light, I am seeing, I am concentrated. Erotic impact looses its importance instead focusing on the human body itself and its endless variety. My Goal is to achieve a graphical impact with my images."

Marc Hoppe - :

"Top to bottom"
Art Model Stana

" The fascination on photography began in 2004 when I started shooting architecture and landscapes.

In the early 2008 I met Thorsten Jankowski and Michael Papendieck, two fine art photographers wich are also based in Braunschweig, Germany. They gave me the inspiration to change the focus from architecture photography to the “sculptural nudes” and “transforming bodies” photography.

Before I start shooting a model, I try to analyze the body and the muscle structure.

Then I try to use minimal light setup so that the focus is only on the form and the structures of the muscles and bones."

"Space invaders"
Art Model Jani

Michael Papendieck - :

"Bamboo garden"

" Am I an erotic photographer ? Erotic is mainly a question of the point of view. But if I would have been asked... I think I am.

In my "former life" I finished my scientific carreer in Biology. Nature and wildlife photography led my to different places to all over the world.

Fine art nude photography is a result of 15 years of dancing and lots of sport where I always have been surrounded by good looking ladies which know how to act, to move, to play with an audience. This inspires my work until now. To catch moments. Even if I build body sculptures."


Then, here is the huge workshop planning !

With the special participations in a next future of these famous artists :

Anastasia Kapluggin
IMSirReal -

Andre Brito -
Sylvie Blum -
Fabio Borquez

Styling Lingerie Workshop with Model Symara.
Master : Thorsten Jankowski

Date : March 21st, 2009
From 11.00am to 17.00pm

Click here for all details.

Nude Workshop with Model Christina.
Master : Michael Papendieck

Date : Apr 5th, 2009
From 11.00am to 17.00 pm

Click here for all details.

Portrait Workshop with Model Mailin.
Master : Thorsten Jankowski

Date: Apr 18th, 2009
From 11.00 am to 17.00pm

Click here for all details.

Lingerie Workshop with Model Swetlana.
Master : Marc Hoppe

Date : Apr 25th, 2009
From 11.00 am to 17.00 pm

Click here for all details.

Fashion Workshop with Model Jani.
Master : Thorsten Jankowski

Date : May 9th, 2009
From 11.00am to 17.00pm

Click here for all details.

Classic Nude Workshop with Model Anna.
Master : Marc Hoppe

Date : May 16th, 2009
From 11.00am to 17.00pm

Click here for all details.

On Location Portrait Workshop with Model Janne.
Master : Michael Papendieck

Date : May 30th, 2009
From 11.00am to 17.00pm.

Click here for all details.

Nude Workshop with Model Anne.
Master : Thorsten Jankowski

Date : Jun 13rd, 2009
From 11.00am to 17.00pm

Click here for all details.

Studio der Braunschweiger Schule
Bevenroder Strasse 169

© All photos are copyright their photographers.
To be continued...


unbearable lightness said...

How exciting this is!

Michael, I like what you say about erotica. I wish more photographers would own the word. When I noticed you have a background in biology, I understood why you are open minded and not afraid of the erotic. It is a component, if not the heart, of the natural world. My sister is a biologist and an artist, and she taught me my first lessons about erotica in the non-Western world.

Best wishes for these beautiful pursuits, all three of you!

SB said...

I really wish I lived closer to Germany. Maybe I need a learning vacation soon. Thank you for posting about this fine place.