March 14, 2009

European Photographers : Art Model Erin has moved in London !

" I love what I do so much... I hope never to stop evolving and growing in what pleases photographers (and myself) ! I just throw myself into it and see what I can help create. I want to challenge myself continually to create something more, new, different, or provocative." Erin

by Danny Bourne - "The pangs of dispriz'd love"

by Matthew Scherfenberg
"Twist and Shout"

After a wonderful career in Usa, Erin has moved to London on August 2nd, 2008.

Here is for you, photographers from Europe, the tremendous opportunity to work with a top experienced Art Model who works with amazing American photographers, as you see it here.

She's passionate, and you know how much it's essential to succeed in a such difficult exercise.

She's gorgeous, expressive, open-minded and of course particularly gifted to give her best to the camera.

I'll add a detail that I can't forget : her kindness. It's an essential thing to be excellent in what we do, but it's always better to do it with gentleness and love.

So, she lives in London. Now, you know it !

by Ravens Laughter - "An afternoon apathy"

You can find her at : her official site, Model Mayhem, One Model Place, her blog, her gallery at deviantART, her complete first feature.

by Carlton McMillan - "One with the woods"

" Art modeling is truly a passion for me. I love inspiring, creating art, making people think, and meeting wonderful new friends." Erin

by Stephen Melvin
"Light and curves"

" My name is Erin.

Creating art with wonderful people is my passion. I love fashion as well but am always happy to be nude.

I am a professional with credits and references.
I show up on time, prepared, and wearing a great big genuine smile.
If you have a concept that entails difficult conditions of any sort, I'm your girl. I love the challenge and will work hard to make sure you get what you envisioned... or better. I seek beauty, conventional and otherwise."

by Dave Swanson - - "Edge"

" Erin is by far the best model I have worked with in the last fifteen years of photographing nudes. I would like to adopt her. If I won the lottery I would hire her full time and keep her for myself, not willing to share with anyone else. She is... that special." Dave Swanson

by Dave Swanson - - "I am a rock"

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by Willie Nash - "Passion fruit"

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